Best Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

Many people say that sewing is all about practice and improving skills. If you are sewing enthusiasts who want to upgrade your skill, it is time to try computerized sewing machine. It will give different experience compared to standard sewing machine. Moreover, you could try a lot of new tricks, models and decorations.

If you have to choose, it is always better to list best computerized sewing machine first. They already received many reviews from different people. Thus, you don’t need to question its quality or performance. Second, you will reduce the possibility of getting bad items. Third, best products have better durability.

Advantages of the Best Computerized Sewing Machines

Stitching Options

How is your progress on learning stitching variation manually? Some of you might have fast progress while others are struggling with basic stitches. Once you switch to digital sewing machine, there will be no more stressful learning. This small machine has many variants of stitches. They are basic and upgraded stitches. Isn’t it fun to have options without too many tries?

Buttonhole Stitches

Modern fashion offers tons of button styles. As expected, you have to use different trick to set them on. Digital sewing tool has listed numerous options for buttonhole stitches. Instructions also come with buttons’ measurement. All you need to do is setting the position and match the button size. Then, next steps will be completed by the machine.

Automatic Setting

Best thing you could get from a stitching machine is automatic steps. Thanks to auto needle threader, you don’t need to do it manually. Standard sewing machine requires manual pressure setting. You cannot lose focus. Digital sewing machine knows how much pressure to put and give professional look to your product. Most digital machine also have thread cutter as well.

Pattern And Stitches Saving

There is another advantage of using digital sewing machine. It could save your new pattern or stitches. Next time you get inspiration, simply save it to your built-in memory. This memory is similar to the one you usually have in smart phone. You don’t have to draw pattern’s steps by hand. Imagine how much time you could save if this pattern is applied repeatedly!

Different Types of Computerized Sewing Machines

Industrial Machine

Since factory often produces a lot of items at once, the operators need something durable and made to perform professional task. Industrial sewing machine is usually designed to perform specific task only. For example, there is separated machine to put waistband and another to do the edges sewing.

Another outstanding feature from industrial sewing machine is its parts. They are carefully selected from best lines only. The gears, connecting rods, body and even housing should be made from quality metal. However, its size is bigger than standard sewing machine. Thus, it cannot fit in average house. Don’t be surprised to pay more on this model.

Domestic Sewing Machine

If you ever see sewing machine commercial, it must be the domestic type. This is a unit made to perform daily task. Manufacturer sets it to be user friendly and aim housewives as most potential buyers. There is one disadvantage of this model though; it cannot perform heavy task.

Compared to industrial machine, domestic type works a lot slower. It also has work limitation, approximately 5 hours per day. If you force it to work longer, its motor will become hot. For material, domestic sewing machine is made from plastic or nylon.

Benefits and Common Problems of Computerized Sewing Machines

Are you still considering buying computerized sewing machine? It offers a lot of benefits to buyers. First of all, you only need short time to make something professional. As long as you understand how to operate the machine, you should be able to create more different items.

Is it important to have consistent product? If your answer is yes, then computerized system is the best choice. This is a condition standard sewing machine cannot meet. Using manual process, product will get uneven thread somewhere.

Computerized machine also give you more control over the process. You could set what the machine should do. Press start button and the job will be done for you. Not only stitches, there are buttons and stitches options to choose. Get creative with your design!

There are several points that makes computerized sewing unappealing for some people.

One of them is lack of sincerity. Handmade product is made with cautions and care.

The item made using computerized system is finished in an instant. Keep in mind that computerized machine depends on software and internal system. One corrupt file will stop all the sewing processes.

Error in the system might also affect the file you have previously saved in the machine. It might be erased or reset to earliest version. If you are in the middle of big project, you must find alternative solution immediately.

For all the previous reasons, many people agree that computerized sewing machine cannot last long. It is not long a long term asset. People should have it for maximum sewing progress only.

Top 5 Best Computerized Machines

Janome DC2013

This is a perfect machine for those who need hard-working tools. It is not too expensive when compared to the other brands. Buyers will get great features from this product. There are 30 built-in stitches, auto-lock and programmable needle, and automatic needle threader. This model is what you could wish from a decor machine.

Now you can make products with 24 options of heirloom stitches and 6 satin decorative stitches. As for the buttons, this machine provides three steps buttonholes. You could also control its speed using control slider and be converted to free arm mode.

Another plus point from Janome DC2013 is its halogen lighting. You don’t need additional lighting to help you navigating the cloth. Find small details and adjust machine’s adjustment effortlessly using this lighting. Moreover, its body is built of hard case to ensure top durability rating. Enjoy 25 years of warranty from manufacturer. Keep the warranty book and purchase receipt well.

Do you have problems with foot pressers? Some models install fixed foot presser. Thus, you will need different sewing machine to work on thicker material. Luckily, this model is nothing near those bad descriptions. Pick any cloth material and make your dream item with Janome DC2013.

Brother SE400

Have you heard of Brother? This brand makes products for first time and advanced users. No wonder, each product is loaded with great features and strong functions. In addition to sewing, buyers could do more creative embroidery. Many previous buyers admit its quality and performance. They also love its global availability.

Buyers could notice that great brands often choose to produce top products only. Many of them are not made for middle to low class family. Buyers should save money longer. Brother is not one of them. Although its material is taken from high grade, the price tag is still affordable.

There is no reason to pass on this product if you are looking for good deal product. Try to compare other products with similar price. They won’t dare to offer similar features as Brother has. Later on, you as the buyer will be able to experience easy sewing with perfect result.

Are you planning to bring this sewing machine to different places? It is totally possible! Despite of all features Brother SE400 has, it weighs less than 15 pounds. The packaging is simple and easy to carry. Next time you go to sewing class, bring it to halp with your project.

Brother XR9500PRW

What is special about Brother XR9500PRW? First, it is a limited edition. You could also make decorative stitches available in several options. For zig zag stitching, this model offers wide 7mm stitches. You could create a lot of items using these combinations. Get your project done faster with its 850 stitches per minute power.

Is there any machine that could satisfy both beginners and more skilled sewing enthusiasts? Yes, there is one. It is no other than Brother XR9500PRW. In the system, you will be able to find tons of stitches and button holes sewing options. A quilting table is also included in the pack, allowing you to work on bigger cloth.

Those who love lettering will understand the struggle to get sewing machine with this feature. Luckily, Brother XR9500PRW has at least 55 alpha numeric stitches. How to transfer the lettering feature to cloth? You only need to set instructions on LCD screen.

Will you work with fleece or elastic cloth? If you will, then Brother XR9500PRW is the perfect choice. This model offers stretch stitches. Applying normal stitches to elastic cloth will ruin the entire design. For button hole, its accuracy is amazing. You only need a minute to complete a button.

Juki HZL-F600

How Juki HZL-F600 could get into best computerized machine list? It is because of its heavy duty performance. Despite of its small size, this model could do a lot of jobs at once. You could put it on any flat surface. Since it is quite light (only 20 pounds), you could move the unit anywhere you want.

Buyers often have difficulty to find suitable product for their project. One might work well on thin fabric, while others are made to sew thick materials. Juki HZL-F600 is one among few that could handle both conditions. There will be no fabric shrinkage.

Based on experience, Juki HZL-F600 offers thread trimmer foot controller. How to operate it? You have to press the heel. Once the machine starts, it trims needle and bobbin thread. Finish your projects in ease. Still want more features? This smart system will display stitching pattern you often use.

Take closer look to feed shape. Many other brands and models take oval signature shape. However, Juki HZL-F600 manufacturer prefers the box more. Square shaped box feed helps you to get big accuracy sewing. Does it mean that other stitching option is messy? Not really. You will still get professional finish.

Singer 7469Q

Only few haven’t heard about singer. This is one of pioneer brand for sewing machine. Even so, its innovative features still lead in the market. Until now, a lot people are still looking for this brand’s model. Buyers love this unit for its user friendly instruction. Constantly using Singer 7469Q for months will make you qualified as sewing machine instructor.

Aside from sewing, this unit could also perform quilting. You might not imagine this upon seeing it for first time. Singer manufacturer boasts how its product could last for years. Just look at its 25 years warranty. Be careful though, some parts only have two years warranty. Another commitment from Singer is providing repair service for one ear since purchase date.

In total, Singer 7469Q includes 98 stitches. Many of them are decorative stitches. Those who are working in decorative items project must choose one out many options. How long you need for threading? After you buy this unit, it takes over the job. Spend your spare time to create another design or prepare sewing equipment.

No one approves noisy machine in their house. Thankfully, Singer 7469Q belongs to quiet type. Play some music or watch news on TV. Get closer to any perfect place by moving the unit.


Are you almost giving up on sewing? It is probably because you are tired of manual sewing. While this is better way to get used to sewing, not all people could cope with its process. In this case, why don’t you try best computerized sewing machine? It has a lot of options with tons of automatic options.

There are a lot of options and benefits of digital sewing machine. One of the most helpful features is stitching options. They allow you to create more and better items. If you could have this privilege now, why you have to delay until later?