Best Embossing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

Think embossing machines are but expensive plaything? Well, if you do like crafts, think again – after all, embossing machines can do precise cuttings and embosses with varieties of papers and fabrics. So, you can make highly detailed cards, wedding favors, or even book covers with your own hands! Ok, maybe the machine will do most of the work, but at least you can make these stuff with your own design.

Are you interested yet? If that’s the case, don’t just buy any random machine – the 5 best embossing machine is just below. Of course, if names are not enough to make you want one, these embossing machine reviews may sue you better.

Top 5 Best Embossing Machines

Sizzix 660425

Included in a series called Big Shot, Sizzix 660425 is the boss indeed. This manual embossing machine is 14 ¼ x 12 3/8 x 6 5/8 inches (or 40 x 29 x 24 cm) big and 7,5 lb (or 4,52 kg) hefty. Yes, it is a heavy, bulky machine. However, that’s not all from Sizzix 660425 – this machine can process materials up to 6 inches or 15,42 cm wide – making the size worth it.

If you are buying for an official store, there must be the machine, a cutting pad, and a multipurpose platform. This platform can be extended at will, making this machine even more versatile in practice. In fact, Sizzix 660425 is thinner compared to other Big Boss models thanks to this extendable platform.

This model is not only designed for papercraft, but also house décor and fashion projects as well. So, it is quite strong and can handle layers stacked together in one spin. If you are cutting thin paper or fabric, it can handle 6 layers just fine. However, if your material is thicker (cardstocks, for example), then two layers may be the limit. Within these limits, the handle should be very easy to turn and the result should come out precise.

Cricut 2003782

The Big Shot may be hefty, but Cricut 2003782 is even heavier. It weighs as much as 11,5 lbs or 5,2 kg. And yet, it is designed for portability – and it does deliver portability. The shape itself looks similar to a bag when the platform is closed. Only 13 x 11 x 6,5 inches aka 33 x 28 x 16,5 cm, this embossing machine will look more like a big bag to the plain sight. With chic mint color, it is trendy enough to be brought anywhere if you don’t mind the weight.

Not only portable, but it can also take many different materials. The thinnest ones (such as tissues) to the toughest ones (like leather) can be tackled with this machine. However, note that this machine can only handle thin leather – so don’t expect to get a precise cut with thick ones on one go.

Usually, embossing machines only come with the machine itself, the platform, and the cutting pad. However, this Cuttlebug model carries three metal plates for the die sandwich – one 6×8 a plate and two b plates with the same size as a bonus. Another bonus that came with it is an A2 embossing folder – you may want these bonuses in your consideration.

CNCShop Embosser

Are you a shop owner, instead of craft hobbyist? Don’t worry, there’s an embossing machine just for you! This CNCShop Embosser is perfect for those who need embosser specifically for plastic cards. It’s especially useful for banks (for credit and debit cards) or shops with a membership system or selling gift cards.

As we have mentioned above, this embosser is specifically designed for plastic cards. So, it’s no wonder that the platform is so small – just enough for standard-sized plastic cards (8,5 x 5,5 cm). On the brighter side, it can emboss 72 characters including the alphabet, numbers (there are two types of fonts to pick from), and several other symbols. You can also adjust the size of these characters (from 1/7 to 1/10 inches) and space option, which also has two options.

The mechanism is quite simple – put the card on the platform, pick the symbol and spacing, turn the lever, and repeat picking symbols and turning the lever until the desired data has been embossed into the card. According to Amazon reviews, this machine does its job fast and efficiently. So, it is indeed a good pick for those who sole need to emboss is for standard PVC cards and PVC cards alone.

Sizzix 660340

If Sizzix 660425 doesn’t impress you, then Sizzix 660340 will. This model is another one from Big Shot series. However, compared to the other model, this one is bigger and heavier. The dimension itself stands on 15 ¾ x 11 ¾ x 7 ½ (or 46.7 x 37.5 x 23.7 cm) and the weight 19 lbs aka 8.65 kg. With such a bigger size, the capacity is also a bigger compared to the 660425 model – instead of 6 inches, this model can process materials up to 9 inches aka 21 cm wide.

As usual, the package comes with the machines, cutting pads, and adapters. Sadly, it doesn’t come with instruction, but a few tutorials and YouTube videos may help. If you are just looking on how to make the proper sandwich, the instruction is available on the platform and adapters. Otherwise, it is a versatile machine and can easily process any A4 size material. So, cutting bigger shapes will be a breeze. It can even handle 3D objects!

The design isn’t exactly made to be carried around. However, the handle on the top makes it easy to move the machine, at least from the shelves to the table and vice versa. The handle is surprisingly light, too – so there’s not a lot of effort needed as long as the materials are within the machine’s capabilities.

Spellbinders GC-200

Cuttlebug may be made for portability, but it may not be small enough for some. Well, if you need an embossing machine with the best portability, then Spellbinders GC-200 may be a better choice. It is, after all, only as big as 6.2 x 16 x 7.8 inches aka 15.7 x 40 x 18 cm when the platform is fully opened – just a bit smaller than the Cuttlebug. However, it is heavier (13,8 lbs aka 6,2 kg) so keep that in mind.

Well, being the smallest machine in the list, the capabilities are small as well. It can cut and emboss papers up to 8 inches in width. In Amazon, the machine specifies to papers only, so it may not be as versatile as the other models in this list. Though the material that can be processed with this machine is limited, the templates that can be used are endless thanks to 2-pass process, just the same with Wizard the Grand Calibur.

Not to mention, this model is also very versatile with folders. The package itself doesn’t come with embossing folders, but it can take folders from most brands with most thickness. Just test it on the device and see – if the machine is too tight, it may be too thick – you’ll be surprised how many folders can pass through this machine just fine.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Embossing Machine

For people who love paper crafts (or at least interesting in it), embossing machines would look eye-candy. However, don’t just jump onto the gun yet – there are a few things to consider before purchasing one of these best embossing machines.

First of all, are you planning to make intricate designs with tough materials? Embossing machines are specifically designed for this type of task. In case you were wondering, tough materials include fiberboard, metal, and leather. So, unless you are planning to do so, the machines may be a waste of time and money. But, if you actually do, then move ahead to the next point.

The second thing that needs to be considered is the weight of the machine. Generally, the bigger the machine, the bigger the material can be processed with it. However, bigger machines also equal heavier weight. This will not be a problem if you are planning to use the machines at home. However, if you are planning to bring it from places to another to meet fellow paper-crafters, then a small, compact machine will be a better choice.

Lastly, consider what type of embossing machine that you want to purchase. There are three types: manual, electric, and digital ones. Each of these types does their job, but they have their own advantages from the other. The manual ones are obviously the cheapest embossing machine model you can get on the market.

However, since it is manual, you have to do manual labor (including putting the die sandwich in place and cranking) to cast the die onto your material. People who like classic, analog machines may like this type, but the fact that it takes time and extra effort remains.

The electronic type needs less energy to use. The die placing is still manual, but at the very least the machine will do the cranking on its own. In place of that, this type is more expensive compared to the manual ones. However, it is not as expensive as digital ones.

They are the most expensive among the three, but the quality came along. It is basically a printer – you only have to submit the design, place your material, and the machine will process the whole thing automatically. Being automatic, the results are much more precise compared to the other two types. It usually came with a program and display screen too, making it super easy to operate.


Planning to buy an embossing machine? We got the top five best embossing machine just above. They are high quality picks – easy to handle and creates precise results – perfect for avid hand-crafters, both hobbyists and professionals alike.

However, before picking your choice, consider things such as the necessity, portability, and type of machine first. This way, you can get an embossing machine worth the time, money, and effort. Well, if you are on a budget, manual machines are the best choices. Therefore, our top five list will certainly be of aid because we specially picked manual embossing machines with high quality.