Best Industrial Sewing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you sew every day for an extended period? Well, then you should consider industrial sewing machines. They are designed to withstand long working hours and made to last. The newer models are often as quiet, if not quieter, than domestic sewing machines – which is a plus.

Alright, so, what brand and model should we choose? Which industrial sewing machines should we buy? What do we need to know before purchasing one? Look no more – below are the seven best industrial sewing machines you can find on the market, along with some tips on choosing the best machine just for you.

Top 7 Best Industrial Sewing Machines

Juki DDL 8700

Juki DDL 8700 is a flatbed, servo sewing machine. Being a flatbed, it is only capable of straight stitches. The stitches itself can be adjusted as long as 5 mm. Since the motor used is a 110 V servo, the machine operates quietly and efficiently.

The fastest sewing speed you can get it 5500 stitches per minute. As for needles, Juki DDL 8700 can only use DB X 1 in size nine to 18. This machine is simple but capable. The price tag is not that hefty either – in fact, it is as expensive as most domestic sewing machines can be.

Speaking of size, the device comes with dimension 48 x 36 x 48 inches and weighs 125 pounds. Yes, it is big and bulky – but who are planning to move industrial sewing machines anyway? Unlike most industrial sewing machines, most parts of the machine are assembled in exception for the thread rack and light.

An Amazon reviewer said that the manual that comes with Juki DDL 8700 doesn’t help much, but watching a YouTube tutorial should help. Well, considering the price, this model is still pretty much a good deal. You can also find stores that have assembling services or sold the units preassembled.

Yamata FY8700

Are you the type not to hold back? Well, then Yamata FY8700 is the industrial sewing machine for you! This model comes with a table stand and commercial-grade LED lamp, making it a big, no-holds-barren unit. Of course, the massive size is not everything – Yamata FY8700 can handle high speed (maximum 5500 seams per minute) even for lock-stitch on the reverse!

Besides the machine, table, and lamp, it also comes with 10 extra needles, 5 extra bobbins, thread stand bobbin winder, oil pan aka knee lifter, screwdriver, machine oil, and an instruction manual.

Yamata FY8700 may be a much bigger package when compared to Juki DDL 8700 thanks to the sewing table included. Besides, the package itself is much lighter (only 70 pounds!) and it is about as cheap as Juki’s. Sadly, even though the price and capability may be in pa to Juki’s, that’s not the case with the assembling.

Apparently, Yamata FY8700 packaged completely unassembled. The tabletop, as one of an Amazon reviewer mentioned, is not even drilled in advance. The manual doesn’t help much, either. So, if you decided to buy this model, get ready to set up the whole device by yourself. Of course, finding an assembler is another choice, but it might cost more.

DreamJoy Industrial Sewing Machine

Another sewing machine with sewing table to rival Yamata is DreamJoy Industrial Sewing Machine. This machine is also known as Vevor 8700FRJTZZH00000. Though it may not be as fast as the first two sewing machines on this list (this model’s maximum speed is 5000 stitches per minute), it is quite capable in the other areas.

Not only straight stitches, but this machine also capable of lock-stitch, which is another major stitch that is used for varieties of projects. Though it is best working with light to medium material, it can handle multiple layers at once all thanks to the heavy-duty motor.

By far, it is the biggest and heaviest package on this list. The dimension is 52 x 26 x 13 inches and it weighs up to 166 pounds. Besides the machine, there are the head, the table, the stand, and the LED light included in the package.

As usual, the whole package comes unassembled. However, it is not as hard as Yamata FY8700 even without a physical assembly manual. After all, if you purchase it on Amazon, the assembling tutorial can be seen on YouTube. With the digital tutorial, anyone should be able to assemble the sewing machine with enough time.

Singer 191D-30

If the DreamJoy Industrial Sewing Machine is not strong enough for you, Singer 191D-30 may be a better choice. Yes, this model is also heavy-duty. However, instead of light to medium materials, Singer 191D-30 can handle medium to heavy ones.

You can even sew several layers of tough materials in a breeze, even when the maximum speed is only as much as 4000 stitches per minute. After all, Singer 191D-30 has an extra-high knee lifter, which can go as high as 13 cm aka 0,5 inches. Besides that, the device has other features such as the reverse lever, adjustable stitch length (up to 5 mm or 0,2 inches), large sewing space, tabletop bobbin winder, and fully automatic self-lubrication system.

That means, you can do various types of projects without oiling every eight hours – just top off the oil in the reservoir and the machine will lubricate on its own.

Sounds amazing? It is! However, Singer 191D-30 is not a perfect product. First of all, you can ship it to anywhere in the world, but the warranty is only available in the US and Canada. Second, the package may not be too big (20 x 20 x 40 inches), but it is even heavier compared to DreamJoy (the Singer 191D-30 model is exactly 200 pounds.)

TechSew 2700

Do you need a trusty cylinder bed sewing machine? Then get TechSew 2700! If the other sewing machines on this list can’t handle leather, this machine can! In fact, it can handle the toughest materials, including nylon and upholstery fabric.

The cylinder bed itself is 10,5 inches in diameter – not the smallest cylinder bed on the market, but should be enough to reach narrow spots and hard-to-reach areas – perfect for shoes small sleeves.

Expect a quiet, effective machine since TechSew 2700 uses servo machines and high-quality Japanese rotary hook. Besides improving the machine’s reliability, the hook use drop-in bobbin, which means inserting and removing it is easier than ever.

With all the mentioned features above, TechSew 2700 is powerful enough. However, that’s not all – this sewing machine model is also made for convenience. First of all, we can adjust the sewing speed (maximum 2200 stitches per minute), thanks to the servo machine.

Second, the stitch length can also be adjusted. Third, this model allows reverse sewing. Fourth, this model also comes with compound walking-foot to assist the machine with bulky materials. Lastly, the table is already fully assembled – so you can just install the sewing machine and it’s ready for work!


Juki is indeed the budget choice of sewing machines. However, don’t take it as a low-quality sewing machine simply because they are usually cheaper compared to other brands. In fact, they are just as powerful as other machines even when the description is lacking on Amazon. Take JUKI DU-1181N, for example.

This flatbed machine is quite straight-forward – it uses 110V industrial clutch motor, has maximum stitch length 9 mm, and maximum sewing speed 2000 stitches per minute. This model uses a DB x 1 needle and only sews straight. Just like the features, this machine’s design is also simple and easy to understand.

However, many Amazon reviewers described this machine as a workhorse. Apparently, despite being much slower compared to the sewing machines on this list, JUKI DU-1181N is capable of working for hours without stopping on various materials easily. Sadly, as usual, the assembling instruction of Juki is very vague.

Juki’s sewing machines usually came with printed instruction. However, they may not be much of help depending on how verse you are with assembling industrial sewing machines. If there’s a sewing machine repair service or assembling near you, you may have more luck going with them for the assembly.

TechSew 2900

If TechSew 2700’s cylinder bed is not small enough for you, then there’s TechSew 2900 as an option. With ¼ or 0,25 inches as the arm’s diameter, meaning that you can reach the smallest nook and cranny possible. The cylinder arm itself is 12 inches long, which means your reach-zone is wide with this device.

With presser foot that can rotate 360 degrees, reaching those niches is even easier. There’s also a reinforced U-table that comes along with the package around the cylinder part to give you extra workspace.

Since the machine is strong enough for leather, this device is practically invisible among industrial sewing machines. Not to mention, the design is super traditional – it can be operated manually with a handwheel, just like the traditional sewing machine.

Overall, TechSew 2900 is a superior industrial sewing machine. The features, as we has mentioned above, are superficial. However, there some small things makes this model even more special.

First of all, there are separated instruction manuals for needles, tools, and bobbins. Second, technical support is completely free. Third, the machine comes with a limited lifetime warranty. And lastly, the machine comes assembled and oiled, so you can plug it in and sew immediately.

Things To Know About Best Industrial Sewing Machine Before You Buy

Now we know the choices. However, how can we choose the best sewing machine for us? First of all, there’s a misunderstanding that needs to be cleared – industrial sewing machines are not always meant for tough materials.

Though some industrial sewing machines are certainly capable to handle tough fabrics, those fabrics are not the reason why industrial sewing machines are called ‘industrial’. The ‘industrial’ part actually refers to the capability of the machine to work for hours non-stop every day, which is needed for efficient workflow in the fashion industry.

So, don’t be surprised to find industrial sewing machine on low speed – these machines are designed for lighter materials – the ‘enduring a long hours of work’ part hasn’t changed.

Now that you know the true nature of industrial sewing machines, you can pick the one that you would like to use. There are four types of industrial sewing machines to choose from:

Flat Bed

Are you familiar with traditional, manual sewing machines that come with the extra-wide sewing platform? Then, you can imagine this industrial sewing machine type easily. Flatbed sewing machines are basically traditional ones, but with machines, after all.

With such a simple design, it’s no wonder that this type can only do simple things, too. In fact, flatbed sewing machines work best for, you guessed it, flat surfaces!

Free Arm

Free Arm sewing machines are made to sew projects with circular parts such as T-shirts, sleeves, or cuffs. Many models of this type are convertible to flatbed sewing machines, making it more versatile for different types of projects.

The conversion itself is quite simple – you just have to put the free arm (basically an additional platform) on the sewing surface. Then, to sew the circular parts of your project, just insert your fabric onto the arm and sew it like usual.

Post Bed

If flatbed sewing machines only come with a platform, post bed sewing machine needs to be paired with a whole sewing table. Sadly, the sewing table is sold separately, which means it needs more money. Another compelling characteristic of post bed sewing machines is its vertical column – which is designed to sew 3-dimensional projects such as hats.

Cylinder Bed

What if the circular stuff you want to sew is too small for a free arm sewing machine? Well, then there’s the cylinder bed. Instead of a platform, this sewing machine type has a cylinder. The cylinder itself varies from 5 to 16 cm in diameter – perfect for saddlebags and shoes.


Industrial sewing machines are not made specifically for factories, they are made for anyone that needs a hardy sewing machine capable for hours of active working. So, you don’t have to be a manufacturer to own an industrial sewing machine – it all depends on individual needs.

Speaking of needs, there are four types of industrial sewing machines that you can choose from: free arm, flatbed, cylinder bed, and post bed – which are made to meet certain needs. Now, if you need recommendations, there are seven best industrial sewing machines above for your consideration. These sewing machines have at least one of the types, which made them good picks.