Best Mini Sewing Machines Reviews and Buying Guide

Since not all people know how to use sewing machine, simple cut or hole could be valid reason to throw away clothes. It is so unfortunate, considering that it could be fixed with simple stitches. Sadly, a lot of people refuse to buy sewing machine simply because it is big and heavy. In this case, why don’t they try mini sewing machine?

Compared to standard machine, it has smaller size. However, its function and power is similar. Moreover, it is lighter and easy to carry. Instead of buying new clothes, you could always try to stitch it using sewing machine. There are many best mini sewing machines, why don’t take one home?

Top 4 Best Mini Sewing Machines

SINGER Pixie-Plus Craft Machine

This machine helps in crafting project with its four stitches options. In the package, you will get one unit and its accessories as well. As portable unit, it also offers different power options. You could work with either AC power or batteries. Now you could literally work anywhere you want.

Some sewing machines are not compatible with monofilament. This material is too thin and silky to work with. Luckily, SINGER Pixie-Plus could handle monofilament thread. Next time you want to move this unit, you only need to lift 5 pound box. Those who live in US and Canada could start the machine with only 110 voltage power.

Another advantage of SINGER Pixie-Plus is kids friendly. It is a perfect choice for those young kids or older kids who want to learn sewing. Once you are done with the project, keep sewing items inside built-in storage. There is no need to carry additional bags to keep sewing tools.

Many buyers appreciate portable function from SINGER Pixie-Plus. It is a big help for seamstress who constantly move from one place to another. This small machine works well to fix minor damage. Some buyers advise to check manual book if you want to work with specific kind of cloth.

Kranich Portable Sewing Machine

Is it possible for mini sewing machine to have lots of features? Yes, it is possible. If you wish to own a lot of functional points in small unit, then pick sewing machine from Kranich. It offers 12 stitches pattern. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with its performance. You could also set machine’s speed to low and high.

Not all people familiar with sewing machine procedure. This is a reason many newbie use to give up on learning sewing. Kracnih product might cut reason to decline mini sewing product. You only need to turn on machine, pick stitches pattern, adjust size, and start the project. If you want to try more patterns, find online videos.

How many features you could fit to a sewing machine? If it is a mini sewing machine, there is probably not much. This is probably another reason to buy Kranich. It includes support, reversing, very comfortable for back and forth reinforcement. Make sure to buy upgraded version; white and rose button design. It has complete accessories such as needle, power adapter and bobbins.

If your friend or relative loves DIY project, Kranich is probably a perfect gift for them. It applies specifically for women and girls.

Michley LSS–202

What do you demand from mini sewing machine? If it must have two speed options and also look cute or pretty, then you will love Michley LSS–202. Including in the package is 4 bobbins, foot pedal, needle and threader. You could literally work with different type of clothes, ranging from silk to thick denim.

Is it possible to carry this unit around? To tell the truth, it is more than possible. Michley LSS–202 has light and compact design. You could pack it inside a bag. Also, this portable unit could start working after you plug the power chord or put 4 A4 batteries in the machine.

After looking at its design, many people want to give this unit as present for younger kids. Is it really okay? Several buyers suggest that parents should supervise when these kids are operating the machine. Once its engine runs, needle moves faster than expected. Thus, it might be dangerous to use it alone.

Another tip from previous users is reading manual first. Keep in mind that each brand might have slightly different procedure to run its engine. Therefore, you should read manual instruction first. Otherwise, you might get too tight thread or any other troubles.

Michley LSS–505

Still from Michley, there is another recommendation worth to try. It is no other than Michley LSS–505. This unit has 8 built in stitch patterns, automatic thread rewind, and two speed settings. Using this unit, you could also do reverse sewing. If your design needs to work with double thread, it is also possible.

What if Michley LSS–505 doesn’t work properly? Is it possible to fix this by yourself? Yes, it is possible. On the second part of manual book, you will see trouble shooting instructions. If your problem is mentioned there, you should be able to fix it.

When you buy this unit, manufacturer will include 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, needle, threader, foot pedal and also AC adaptor. Call your dealer if one of these features is missing from the box. One more thing; Michley LSS–505 has small parts. Thus, it puts on “choking hazard” label on the box. Make sure you supervise young kids during sewing session.

It is highly recommended to learn “how to use” instruction before starting the project. Not all people familiar with Michley setting and machine tendency. If written instruction is too hard, then play online videos. This trick also applies to try trouble shooting steps.


Sewing machine should be part of house hold items. It could help to fix simple cuts and make your clothes wearable again. Unless you always have saving portion to buy clothes, this option sounds good. All you need to do is choosing one model and buy it.

If you want something simple and functional, take a look at best mini sewing machines first. It covers thing you will probably like. As you requested, they work well but not too complicated to operate. Once you fall for one product, go and ask to nearby dealers. They might be one of top seller products.