Best Scissors Sharpener Reviews and Buying Guide

Why does a house need Scissor Sharpener? Actually, this tool doesn’t belong to just any house. Those who use scissors frequently will not object sharpener offer. Many people might not realize how important a sharpener is until they cannot cut object smoothly. Only then, they consider buying sharpener.

If you are also looking for new sharpener, why don’t read best scissors sharpener review first? It is important to learn item’s quality based on its appearance. No buyers want to spend money on less functional tool. When they pay more money, they should get better features as well. What are some conditions of good sharpener?

Top 5 Best Scissors Sharpeners

Fiskars 9600b33

There are several scissors type. Two of them are serrated and curve scissors. Both are often used for decorative projects. Sharpener from Fiskars could easily help you to sharpen normal scissors but these two. People also often ask whether this tool could be used to sharpen pruning shears. Try to compare the size. It is only okay when sharpener is bigger than shear.

Fiskars includes instructions in the package. Buyers could read them easily since it has no technical terms. Guess how many times you need to pass the sharpener before scissors get sharper? It is less than 15 pass! To be exact, you need to act like cutting the sharpener for only 10 times. Isn’t it amazing?

Some scissors are big and others are small. Does size matter for this sharpener? Apparently, it doesn’t. As long as scissors are straight, there will be no problem. You could also bring it anywhere. Its dimension is small enough to be put inside the bag. It is 4 x 3.4 x 1.9 inches. Its weigh is less than 4 ounce.

Although sharpening denim cutting scissor is not listed in the notification, it works well on this item as well. You could recommend Fiskars to any relatives who loves sewing or crafting.

Fiskars SewSharp

Do you need handy sharpener, work well and cheap as well? Say no more. Fiskars Sewsharp is the answer for your request! It is small enough to slip on your pencil case; 0.5 x 3.6 x 3.8 inches. Its weight is only 0.48 ounces, not a heavy burden for your backpack. This useful item is only available for US citizen. If you currently live in US, go grab one for your stationary stock!

How to use this? Observe carefully this sharpener. You will see two open notches. Next to these notches, you will see a small grip fit for thumb and point finger. As you can see, the notch is straight, so avoid putting in curvy or serrated scissors. Hold sewsharp on your left hand, and your scissors on right hand.

Match upper scissor hand to top notch and lower scissor hand to another notch. Then do a cutting movement. Make sure sewsharp is not falling off. Repeat several times and test scissors. Do it again if the scissor is not sharp enough.

Previous buyers love this item because of two things; cheap price and great function. Many people are already so used to their scissors. It will be difficult to find replacement. Sharpening the blunt scissors is certainly a better option.

Fiskars Desktop (98617397)

Some of you might not believe in cheap stuff. They need something strong but light. It will be perfect if the price is not too high as well. Have you seen Fiskars Desktop? Some buyers claim that it works significantly better than its smaller brother. People believe this reviewed as it is presented by seamstress which requires sharp scissors every day.

How to know that your scissor will fit into Fiskars Desktop? Try to measure your scissors first. This tool is 2 cm depth and 4 mm wide. A scissor that would fit into this measurement, widest part of scissor should be less than 2 cm and its thickness should be less than 3 mm. Otherwise, you should find other sharpener options. On the other hand, you are good to go. Enjoy your great scissor.

When you receive the package, you might be perplexed to find no instruction sheet in it. Don’t worry; there are a lot of tutorial videos online. Make sure you type the title right then click any videos on first page. Follow instructions on specific pressure application if you want to have functional scissors. Don’t do it too hard; some buyers break their scissors after doing so.

Twice As Sharp Scissor Sharpener

Is the name of this tool quite peculiar? Actually, its manufacturer only tries to highlight what it is capable of. Scissors are made from different materials. Some are made from stainless while others are made from carbon. Unfortunately, several sharpening tools works well on one of them only. Twica Sharpener will be an all in tool for both scissor types.

Manufacturer picks round shape for this tool. It does look and work like grinder. The diameter is 0.5 x 5 inches. Its manufacturer proudly claims that their sharpening tools will make sharpest scissors. They will be even sharper than newly bought scissors. If you plan to buy this sharpener, don’t forget to purchase the system as well.

In short, this item could not work without its system. Round shape grinder could be shipped to different states. It occupies 6 x 6 x 1 inches area and weighs roughly 11 ounces. Not too heavy for an all in sharpener, right?

Who usually use this tool? First, it will be those who use many knives for different projects. Instead of pairing scissors with their own sharpeners, it is better to have universal sharpener. Second, it is big factory that requires heavy duty sharpener. If knives are their most important tools, then they should get durable and effective helper.

Kyocera HTNBK

If you are going to discuss effective sharpening technology, then Japan product should be included. From its name, you could guess that Kyocera belongs to Japan manufacturer. Take a look at its packaging; all instructions are written on Japanese characters. Does it mean that buyers cannot understand? Not really, there are simple pictures that could guide buyers.

How to use it? Just like the other sharpeners, you need to match scissor’s hands on sharpener’s gaps. Then, do cutting movement several times. Some people only need to do it four times and others should do more. It depends on how blunt your scissors are. Keep in mind that big scissors won’t fit. Don’t push it too hard or you will break the sharpener.

In order to get sharper scissor in minimum time, several buyers suggest you to angle it to certain angle. It should be an angle that gives pressure to scissor’s inner parts. The weight of this handy tool is only 1.44 ounces. It is pretty light to be carried around. It also occupies tiny space: 2.4 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches. Make sure to put it back to your bag after use. Otherwise, you might miss it.

The Buying Guide for the Best Scissors Sharpener

A lot of people don’t realize that they need a sharpener until their scissors cannot be used anymore. Then, is it too late to get one? Not really. You just need some time before buying one. Rushing over to craft store and buy new scissor might not be best solution.

It Works

What would you say if your brand new sharpener breaks your scissor instead of sharpening it? You might be furious and disappointed at the same time. It could happen when you choose wrong type of sharpeners. In the market, there are different types of sharpeners. Each of them sharpens specific types of scissors.

Thus, you must not buy wrong sharpener. If you work with specific types of scissor, better get sharpener made for that scissor. You are suggested to buy heavy duty sharpener if you have more than three types of scissors.

It Is From Great Brand

How do you describe great brand? It might not be the brand you often see on commercials. Your friends’ suggestions could be false lead as well. Great brand should be mentioned in top ten reviews. It will be even better if you could afford one from best five. Don’t easily sway your choice to buy from cheaper and unknown brand.

Great brand also has good reputation. Try to swipe through costumers review to read what they say about the product. If half of them give positive review, then you should pick it. On the other hand, bad reviews should be enough to warn you.

It Is Effective

Each person has their own version of “effective product”. Those who are working with simple craft love something light and easy to use. It is okay to invest several minutes to read instructions. Some people prefer stronger and all in sharpener. These people are working with several different knives at once.


Choosing best scissors sharpener turns out to be more complicated than it seems. Buyers must know what type of scissors they have, its size and material. You cannot casually walk into store and ask for sharpeners recommendation. It will be too risky: what if you spend too much money on a product that could not sharpen well?

To prevent this case, you should also learn about sharpener types. Some of them are made for heavy duty function. You could also find those made for small and medium scissors. Which one you should buy? Best bet would be purchasing one that fit your need and scissor types.