Best Sewing Machine for Leather Reviews

Hundreds or maybe even decades ago, some people still made clothes by weaving. This process definitely took long time and required high level of focus as well as precision. One wrong step made, you would need to start weaving all over again from the beginning. Although the process was not easy, people were doing it for hundred years. In this era everything has developed. People are now no longer weaving to make clothes.

Sewing machine is invented to ease people in making clothes. Furthermore, sewing machine is not only capable of making clothes but also processing many kinds of materials and turns them to variety of clothes. One of materials that is always happening is leather. There are hundreds of sewing machine for leather out there, but only few that can really do the work.

Basically, sewing machines for leather look similar to any sewing machine that you might have seen. How to process the leather are typically also similar. Then what makes the different from normal sewing machine? The most possible answer is the components used in it. Sewing machines for leather surely require special components to process leather. To make it clear, here are some more details about best sewing machine for leather.

Why Is a Leather Sewing Machine Needed?

As a matter of fact, sewing leather by only our bare hand is doable deserves some rewarding, but the question is; is worth it to do that while there is a tool that can help you? Not only that this is not an ideal type of crafting, sewing leather by hand will also require too much time. Therefore, if there is a tool that can make your job easier, it is a wise decision to utilize the tool. That is why a sewing machine is needed.

Furthermore, owning a sewing machine is more than just a necessity when in fact this tool can surely simplify many jobs for you. However, you need to prioritize your need before you decide to purchase a sewing machine. If you prioritize to utilize the sewing machine to work on leather, it is suggested that you purchase the one that is specially designed to work on thick materials.

If you work with standard sewing machine, there will be high possibility that the lather will get stuck on presser feet or throat plate.

The best possible scenario is that the sewing machine will slow your work down. Meanwhile, the worst possible scenario is that your whole project may be ruined completely by a hole on the leather; no matter how small or big it is.

In addition, purchase a specific sewing machine for your project will also offer you possibly longer stitch length choices. It will be surely essential for any secure and strong seams. In case you are still in a doubt whether or not your sewing machine will do the job well with leather, you can always try to get some scrap leather. It is always worth to see the best possible outcome of what your sewing machine can do.

Basics of Leather Stitching

Now that you already decide to purchase a sewing machine for leather, you must be thinking about how to do the work since leather is not an easy material to do. Even when you already own a sewing machine, you really need to figure out how is the best way to utilize your machine, especially when you do the leather project. Hence, here are some basics of leather stitching you can look as a reference:

Use a Leather Needle

This is the very basic thing to start with. Working with a specialized sewing machine means you also need specialized needles. For that matter, you will need to prepare needles for leather. Since the sewing machine does not come with specialized needles, you need to buy it separately.

Leather needles are shaped differently compared to regular needles, especially on its end which is often described as spear shaped. This kind of needle will pierce through the leather cleanly. It is also suggested to change your needles regularly since you will not want to work using a blunt needle.

Use a Long Stitch Length

The next basic step you need to know is to use a long stitch length whenever you do the leather project. It is suggested to apply larger stitch length when you work on leather since it will provide you more workspace. More workspace means less risk of the leather get ruined. As you know, short stitch length may perforate your leather, making it easier to get torn.

Hold the Leather in place without Pins

As we all know, pins are normally used to hold and sew the layers of fabric that you are sewing at the same moment. However, it turns out that pins do not work in any leather project since any holes you create on leather from the pins are surely permanent.

As a replacement, you can apply binder clips, fold back clips or quilter’s holding clips to keep the layers of the leather at the same line. Make sure that you do not put any sharp edges on the leather otherwise it will create any scratch or cut on it. You may try them those tools on a leather scrap first to begin with.

Are Residential Sewing Machines Good For Leather Sewing?

Basically, there are two basic types of sewing machines for leather available in today’s market; industrial sewing machine and residential sewing machine. Residential sewing machine is basically sewing machine unit that is designed to sew basic leather works. The maximum thickness of the leather should not be more than 3 1/6 inch and proper leather needles are surely required.

Meanwhile, industrial sewing machine is designed to sew anything thicker and is recommended if you plan to invest in big numbers. However, you will need to afford additional tools such as servomotor, and a proper table to assist you in working on the project. If the question is whether or not a residential sewing machine is good for leather sewing, the answer is yes.

If you are about to do light leather projects, residential machine is the perfect option. If you are about to work with thick leather products in big numbers, then you should go for industrial machine. However, purchasing industrial sewing machine requires commitment since there will be more additional tools require in it. Once again, it depends on the project you are about to do.

Top 9 Best Sewing Machine For Leather

If you have reached this point, it is assumed that you are about to purchase a fresh leather sewing machine. Therefore, you may need to get some insight from these top 9 best sewing machines for leather as consideration.

Janome HD3000

On the top of the list, Janome HD3000 should be recommended as the first sewing machine for leather. In term of features, it is fair to say that this sewing machine provides all the required features to sew and process leather. This Janome HD3000 series supports an automatic needle threader and a top loading bobbin as well as its bobbin system. These features will assist and get your job done easily yet properly.

Many customers might consider that this sewing machine is such a heavy duty since the inside frame of the machine is made of metal. In fact, Janome HD3000 comes with a total plastic frame. This kind of construction is one of the reasons why this unit is more affordable and able to maintain its durability and sturdiness at the same time.

Just like any most highly rated mechanic sewing machines, Janome HD3000 does not provide too many stitch options. This sewing machine only offers 18 built-in designs of stitch plus 1-step button hole option. The features of Janome HD3000 also include a free arm setting that will allow you to create leather sleeves and pants with more ease.

More than that, you will also get wider workspace as well as comfortable lighting to assist your sewing projects. No wonder if Janome HD3000 got positive reviews from customers. Another feature that has to be highlighted is its extra high presser foot that will allow the sewing machine not only to provide enough space for binders or clips to secure the fabrics but also to accommodate multiple layers if leather.

Singer 9960

Classified as a classic sewing machine for leather, Singer 9960 is undoubtedly the best option for those who plan to do a lot of leather projects in big numbers. This leather sewing machine comes with at least 600 built-in stitches. In case you are wondering where does the number come from, here is the breakdown: 103 for utility stitches, 13 for button holes, 34 for decorative stitches and 450 for upper and lower case letters, 5 font characters and numbers.

With that amount of stitches, you can surely rely on this Singer 9960 as one of the most recommended handy leather sewing machine. This leather sewing machine provides an automatic cutter and automatic needle threader as well as 18 presser feet to assist your hands and allows you to be more focused on crafting when the machine is not working.

When you are dealing with large projects, the Singer 9960 extension table will provide helpful assist. There are at least 5 attractive fonts available in case you want to go with monogram. With various accessories available, Singer 9960 will definitely provide anything you need to work on leather without the need to sew them by your hand.

One more thing you can utilize from this Singer 9960 is its fully digitized and automated system, which will help you a lot in sewing process. It is so hard to find what this leather sewing machine cannot deliver. If you are about in serious sewing project, Singer 9960 is surely the leather sewing machine you need.

Sailrite LSZ-1

Some of you may have never heard about this brand but the fact is this leather sewing machine is highly rated by customers. There are several reasons why Sailrite LSZ-1 is considered as one of the most recommended leather sewing machines. This machine supports both straight and zigzag stitch walking foot that allows you to sew thick and heavy materials like denim, heavy canvas, sailcloth and any upholstery fabrics easily.

Sailrite LSZ-1 comes with Power Plus Balance Wheel that will provide twice amount of power compared to any traditional sized flywheel. You can also enjoy the Posi-Pin clutching system that provides maximum transfer power from the balanced wheel to the needle and it is all patented. If there is any other feature that you must acquire is the extra wide presser foot.

The extra wide presser foot is set from 5 mm zigzag width and 6 mm length straight stitch. Overall, Sailrite LSZ-1 is a proper leather sewing machine for everyone who is looking for a sewing machine for leather. This machine also comes with comprehensive guidebook, DVD maintenance and 2-year of warranty with all parts included.

Janome Sewist 500

As one of the top rated sewing machine, Janome is well known with their various products that offers various features as well. One product that is worth to look is this Janome Sewist 500. This model comes with 25 built-in stitches, including stretch stitches, utility stitches and one-step automatic button holes. Not to mention that the built-in automatic needle threader will easily assist you without any eye-strain.

Janome Sewist 500 also provides attaching buttons, stippling, collars and cuffs and drop feed for darning, a free arm for sewing pants and any other free motion applications. The foot presser and the adjustable presser will allow you to adjust the pressure on the fabric easily. Overall, if you are about to do leather projects, you can always rely on Janome products.

Brother ST371HD

Just like Janome, Brother is also known as a sewing machine brand that products various sewing machine series that can do the job especially for big number projects. If you are about to deal with large leather projects, Brother ST371HD is the perfect option for you. This sewing machine is described as tough, strong and durable. No wonder if this heavy duty sewing machine is designed to deal with high volume projects.

Not only that Brother ST371HD is durable, this leather sewing machine is also described as dependable and versatile since this unit can handle wide range of fabric weights and thicknesses, from silk to denim. Brother ST371HD also provides a metal needle plate, which will improve the thread pickup speed as well as protecting the threading mechanism.

In addition, Brother ST371HD also supports sturdy metal chassis in order to make the unit more stable and more consistent for stitching at higher speeds. This model comes with a built-in handle that will allow the machine to quickly go from sewing table to storage.

Consew 206RB-5 Heavy Duty

Speaking of sewing machine for heavy duty, it is fair to always include this next brand. Consew 206RB-5 series comes with extra-long stitch and centralized arm lubrication. This sewing machine also comes with large bobbin that can be set without necessarily removing the object. Its adjustable reserve stitching will offer you more freedom since it can be set as the same length as the forward stitch.

Consew 206RB-5 also supports standard attachments that can be installed easily. The compound feed mechanism will ensure that the material of the feeding process is even, while stitch regulator lock feature prevents any changes made in the stitch length from all possible vibrations. Isn’t more than enough for a heavy duty leather sewing machine?

Brother ST371HD

Brother sewing machine brand is well known as a sewing machine brand that products various sewing machine series that can do the job especially for big number projects. If you are about to handle large leather projects, Brother ST371HD is the perfect choice for you. This sewing machine is tough, strong and durable. No wonder if this heavy duty sewing machine is designed to deal with high volume projects.

This ST371HD series is not only durable, but is also well known as dependable and versatile since this unit can handle wide range of fabric weights and thicknesses, from silk to denim. Brother ST371HD also provides a metal needle plate, which will improve the thread pickup speed as well as protecting the threading mechanism.

Furthermore, Brother ST371HD also supports sturdy metal chassis in order to make the unit more stable and more consistent for stitching at higher speeds. This model comes with a built-in handle that will allow the machine to quickly go from sewing table to storage.

Reliable 4000SW

Another recommended sewing machine for heavy work is Reliable 4000SW. This leather sewing machine unit comes with 2.000 RPM high speed operation, single row feed dog, drawer, manual lubrication, included thread stand and surely large capacity of hook. More than that, the leather sewing machine is sewn-off and well individually tested right before shipping.

Reliable 4000SW is the perfect option to handle any heavy work of fabrics and leather without any single problem. This leather sewing machine is indeed designed to deal with any type of heavy duty projects, starts from medium to heavyweight.


Juki DNU-1541S Industrial

To close the top 9 best leather sewing machines is Juki DNU-1541S Industrial. Juki is well known as a sewing machine brand that can do various projects. This series for example, comes with maximum sewing speed up to 2.500 stitches in a minute. DNU-1541S Industrial series also comes with maximum stitch length up to 9 mm.

This sewing machine is often described as straight stitch, industrial sewing machine that provides a mechanism of safety clutch that ensures that the sewing process will work properly without any necessary damaged appeared. As one of the most popular Japan products, Juki can be considered as one of the best sewing machine options in the market.


All the mentioned sewing machines above will definitely do all kinds of job you need; from medium to heavy duty projects that require proper sewing machine. As long as you follow the instructions and do the job properly, all best sewing machine for leather above will be a very helpful unit for your projects.