Best Sewing Machine Light Reviews and Buying Guide

Providing good light for your sewing machine is a must so that it won’t hinder your work. Some sewing machine is made with built-in sewing machine lights. But, it is not enough because you will need additional lamp around the machine. The lamp will not only provide a good light on the area below the needle but also the area of your sewing machine.

With the additional light, you can focus your attention and relax your eyes from the different contrast in the room. Let’s take a look at these best sewing machine lights that will help you increase your productivity.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Lights

  1. Bontux LED Sewing Machine Light

Bonlux LED sewing machine light is powered by 30 LED lights that will make the darkest area around your sewing machine brighter. Although it has 30 LED lights, you don’t need to worry because they are totally energy-saving. You don’t need to worry when you need to work overtime because the LED light won’t heat up no matter how long you power it on.

The light also comes with a magnetic mounting base and 7-inch gooseneck that will make installing and adjusting the light easier. With the magnetic mounting base, you can attach the light to any metal point of the sewing machine. Then, you can easily light the dark spot around the sewing machine by bending the gooseneck. Another best thing is that you can always move the light around based on your needs.

The light is connected to a 55-inch long cable that will make you get to the power socket easily even when the sewing machine is quite far. To turn the light off and on, you don’t need to remove the power cord from the power socket and you just need to flick the switch that is located to the opposite side of the magnetic base.

  1. Razon Sewing Machine LED Light

Razon sewing machine LED light is the best choice if you want a simple light for your sewing machine. This light is 11.8 inch with 6.6ft power cord, 5pcs adhesive clips, as well as USB power supply. To install the light, you just need to attach the LED strip to the sewing machine. This light also allows you to adjust the desired length you want by cutting the strip at every 3 LED. After you have adjusted the length, you just need to attach the adhesive tape to your sewing machine.

Thanks to the USB power supply, you can always turn on the light using any device you have, like computer, power bank, and even your laptop. You can also adjust the brightness by touching the switch, long touch to dim the light and short touch to turn the light on and off. By adjusting the light, you can also save more energy and it will cost you less bill later.

You might think that this LED strip is not as good as other sewing machine light, but the LED light is very good in lighting the area around the strip. Another best thing is that it won’t produce a shadow on the sewing machine.

  1. Item4ever Working Lamp

If you are looking for an affordable light for your sewing machine, this Item4ever working lamp is the best choice. The price is quite affordable, but le light will be very useful to light the dark area around your sewing machine like other expensive brands. This light has 10 LED lights that will illuminate the light on your workplace. The best thing about this light is that it will save energy by 90% and it will help you save the energy bills down.

This light is built with a magnetic base that will make it easy to attach to any metal surface. To make your work easier, you can directly attach this light on your sewing machine body. Thanks to the magnetic base, you can easily move the light around by reattaching it. Don’t worry, this light also comes with 7-inches gooseneck that will make the light easy to adjust based on your needs.

The light comes with 55-inch power cord that makes it easy to get to the power source. The switch is located on the opposite side of the magnetic base and you can easily turn it off and on without disconnecting the cable from the power source.

  1. Mighty Bright 64602 Sewing Machine Light

The biggest concern for using the sewing machine light is the cord attached to the sewing machine. The cord will go on your way and it will disturb your work. But, using this Mighty Bright 64602 sewing machine light will be a different story. This light doesn’t have an extension cord and it only requires one AAA battery to work.

The light uses an optical grade lens that will spread the light evenly around the area. Although it only uses battery, the light can last for 100,000 hours so that you won’t need to replace the battery frequently. The light is bright white and it will help you to easily spot the threads, matching seams, and dark fabrics.

The light comes with strong adhesive at the bottom so that you can attach the light on any surface you like. The flexible neck connects the LED light and it is easily bent so that you can adjust it based on your needs. However, the downside of this light is that you cannot replace the bulb and you might have difficulties in relocating the light. If you still want to choose this light, you need to attach the light in the right place.

  1. Sunix Sewing Machine LED Light

The last best light for your sewing machine is this Sunix sewing machine LED light. This light comes with 5050 natural white led strip, 5V USB power supply, and 4pcs adhesive clips. The light is bright enough to light the machine as well as the area around it. Although it produces bright light, it won’t increase your energy bills.

The best thing about this light is that you can adjust the brightness based on your needs only with simple touches; long touch to dim the light and short touch to turn the light on or off. Another best thing about this light is that it has 6.6ft USB power supply that enables you to get the power source easily even when the sewing machine is far from the power supply. You can also get the power source from other devices.

The light comes with 3M strong adhesive tape that will make it easy to install in any of the sewing machine surfaces. Don’t worry, the strips make the light suitable for any sewing machine brand. The light strip is 11.81 inches, but you can also cut the strip every 3 LED lights to easily adjust the length based on your needs.


You cannot compromise when it comes to sewing machine light because it will come in handy when you do your work. The light will help you to spot the thread easily and it will help you become more precise on sewing and it will also increase your productivity even at night.

Those best sewing machine lights will help you decide on which light will be suitable for your workplace. Each of them has its own pros and cons, but you can still choose the best one based on your needs. Although they are all quite affordable, those lights might have better qualities compared to the expensive one.

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