Best Sewing Machine Oil Reviews and Buying Guide

All machinery needs maintenance, sewing machine included. Sewing machines are actually one of those appliance that needs regular care. It is recommended to oil sewing machine one time after every eight hours for it to last long. Of course, the choice of sewing machine oil also matters for the machine’s longevity.

So, which oil is the best for my sewing machine? Look no more, below are the top five best sewing machine oils people can pick in the market. They are easy choices since many are available both online and offline. For the best choice, read our review below and pick the one that suits your machine.

Top 5 Best Oil for Sewing Machines

Singer 2131E Oil

Everyone knows that Singer produces the best sewing machines existed, but what about the oil? Well, lucky you, because Singer 2131E is a high-quality pick for a cheap price. Though it is made by a sewing machine brand, this oil is marketed as ‘all-purpose’, meaning it can oil other machines with delicate gears – clippers, computers, typewriters, vacuum cleaners, and even bicycle gears will work smoothly with this oil.

Obviously, it can help your sewing machine run smoothly, just like the other appliances. So, eliminating friction is a given. However, that’s not the only merit of this oil. It protects the parts made of metal from rusting – making it perfect for many types of machines – this is precisely why it is an all-purpose oil.

Despite packaged in a bulky bottle, this oil can help you with precision oiling. On the lid, there’s a little red applicator attached. This applicator can be flipped on and off at will. Though it is short (only about a quarter of inches), the opening at the tip is so small, perfect for making a drop or two. Not to mention, it doesn’t have any expiration dates – it is made to last long and age with your sewing machine.

Zoom-SPOUT Oil for Sewing Machine

Looking for a good quality oil with precision bottle design? Then, this oil may be the one for you. First of all, Zoom-SPOUT oil for sewing machine uses a long applicator – a hard 2 inches one and 7 inches internal one. You heard that right, this oil has an internal spout which you can extend by pulling and bend at will. So, no matter how small the gap can be, this oil can tackle them all with no problem.

In fact, that special spout alone make this oil worth it for its price despite only containing 4 oz aka 118 ml. Yes, the capacity is much smaller than the Singer 2131E, but that extendable applicator is definitely a game-changer. Besides, the bottle is refillable. So, if you ran out, you can buy another oil (with inconvenient spout) and refill it to this bottle very easily.

That aside, the oil’s quality is actually very standard. It does its job, enough to call it another versatile, all-purpose oil. There’s no ingredient mentioned in the description but lily-white lubricant. It supposedly work best for stainless machinery, but reviews in Amazon has deemed it suitable for sewing machines of all kinds and many other appliances.

Zoom Spout 4 OZ Oiler

Is the 7 inches extendable and bendable spout not enough for you? Then, we present to you Zoom Spout 4 oz oiler with 8 inches internal spout! Yes, you heard that right, you can get another inch to reach even the most remote parts of your sewing machine. Same with the last oil, this extendable spout will only reveal itself after being pulled from the hard tip. It also comes in 4 oz and has a short hard applicator to store the internal one.

However, just like the last oil, the oil itself is not mind-blowing. It does its job and that’s what you would want to know. Luckily, it is also refillable, so you can put better oil in it as you like it. Anyway, the oil itself is petroleum-based (hence translucent and odorless) and especially directed for stainless steel machinery. It is also advertised to be non-gumming.

Yes, just like the other oils, this oil can help many different appliances. In case you are looking to oil a Pfaff machine, this oil would work well with it. This oil also goes to many other delicate machines – paper shredders, hair clippers, bikes, computers, fans, vacuum cleaners – you name it.

4 oz Oil of sewing machine

Just as the name marketed, it is a 4 oz oil – plain and simple. And indeed, it really is that plain and simple. Being the cheapest oil on the list, this kind of oil for sewing machine has a straight-forward bottle with short, hard applicator. Luckily, it also has the extendable internal spout like the Zoom Spouts, so precision jobs are no burden with this oil. In fact, it is actually about a foot longer (or about 12 inches), making it even more superior in term of precision.

Not only it has the special spout, but the quality of the oil itself is quite good. It has no smell and supposedly leaves no stain, so it is ok to use even for mess-makers. However, it is thicker compared to other sewing machine oils. Therefore, it may be hard to get used to applying it, but the thick oil does cling better to the machine, making the coat long-lasting.

While it is advertised exclusively for sergers and sewing machines, this oil can handle many other appliances. A review from Amazon noted that it does well for pruners and other gardening tools. Any machine that needs precision oiling such as computers and laptop would do well, too.

Liberty Oil 100% Synthetic Oil

Do extendable applicators feel too feeble to you? Worry not, Liberty Oil came through with a medical-grade stainless steel applicator. It is only but 1 ½ inch – not very long – but surely would still have some precision. In fact, it should be easier to apply with since you don’t have to use your other hand to point the tip to the designated spot every single time.

The oil itself is 100% synthetic with remarkable blue color. It can substitute any petroleum-based oil or spray. Furthermore, this oil can be applied to plastic parts just fine – widening the possibility for oiling practically anything, even if it’s not a machine! If you were oiling on a painted table or the oil gets to the wall, there’s no need to worry because this oil is safe for painted surfaces as well.

Many Amazon reviewers are pleased with this product. Despite being the most expensive oil of the five, the quality seems to be in par of the price. The short precision tip is apparently not a problem, as the oil itself does a great job. Most reviews mentioned that their machine now runs smoothly thanks to the oil, and one mentioned that this oil left no residue at all.

Thing to Consider Before Purchasing Oil for Your Sewing Machine

While sewing machine oils are generally thin and multipurpose, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing one. First of all, are you purchasing the oil for a sewing machine or something else?

Though it is designed to lubricate sewing machines, you can also lubricate computers, skateboards, scissors – basically anything that has gears (or closely placed metal parts) and needs to move fast smoothly. These uses should be considered depending on the items you plan to oil.

Now, if you are buying the oils to exclusively (or also) oil a sewing machine, then read the manuals of the machine first. There are sewing machine models that self-lubricate, so buying a bottle of oil for your sewing machine would be necessary.

On the other hand, some models don’t need oiling at all. The prime example is sewing machine model with plastics and nylon parts – in fact, oiling any machine with plastic and nylon parts actually deteriorate these machines’ performance. Otherwise, you are welcome to buy one of these oils and oil your machine (of course, one to two drops per spot.)

Both oil and machine’s brand matters a lot, too. If the sewing machine brand also produces oil (for example, Singer), then it’s always safe to pick that oil. After all, these oils are designed to oil their sewing machine, so they are likely to work better if used on sewing machines in the same brand.

However, if your sewing machine happens not to produce any oil or stopped producing any, one of these top five best oil for sewing machines should do. They would also work perfectly for no-name sewing machines, in case you can’t find the brand embedded anywhere.

But what if you can’t find any oil of these brands nor able to purchase them online? Then, the best choices are the ones that you can buy. Generally, any thin oil should do for sewing machines. However, by all means, don’t try to use cooking oil or oils for cars or bikes – they are too thick for sewing machines and more likely to clog the gears than helping at all.

While we are at it, another tip to oil a sewing machine is not dropping to much oil – usually, one to two drops should work pristinely, as the goal to oil sewing machines is to keep the gears thinly coated. Otherwise, putting too much oil would create a pool for dust, which nobody wants.