Best Sewing Machine Reviews And Buying Guide

People have different ways to describe “best sewing machine”. Beginners might think that perfect machine should have latest technology. They secretly hope that additional features will help them to do all the works.  More professional sewing enthusiasts will look for special types of sewing machine that could do specific jobs.

Choosing sewing machine might be a big job for beginners. Don’t worry, there are ways to pick most suitable sewing machine for anyone. First, you have to know how you want to use the machine. Some people might only need to sew, while some others need to do combination pattern. Another way to get recommendation is reading sewing machine reviews. Which one do you prefer?

Different Types of Sewing Machines 

How many sewing machines available in the market? It is not hundreds, but thousand of them. If buyers list the brand, there will be more than ten top brands. Sewing machines could also be differentiated from its function. Manufacturers combine sewing powers with other functions as well.

  • Domestic Sewing Machine

People often call it mechanical or traditional sewing machines. As its name implies, you will do all the work: setting thread, operating machine, and placing cloth. A lot of people still use this model, as it is easy to repair and the cheapest among all.

  • Electronic Sewing Machine

This is a level up model from the previous one. Usually, electronic sewing machine combines the power of mechanical and computerized machine. Thus, it could perform several jobs and preferred by many sewing experts. There is also a model designed specifically for DIY lovers.

  • Computerized Sewing Machine

Now you don’t have to think about ways to sew a pattern. Computerized system allows you to connect to internet and make any pattern you want. If you only need sewing machine for minor purpose, then forget this type. It is more suitable for industrial use.

  • Embroidery Sewing Machine

Have you ever paid attention to pretty flower embroidery on clothes? It is made using this machine. Since embroidery comes hand in hand with clothes sewing, many people wish to have it. Normally, electronic machine will have this feature.

  • Overlocker Sewing Machine

You might be more familiar with “serger” term. The function of this machine is joining two edges together. It is also important part of sewing pillow cover, napkin and many other decorative items.

Advantages of the Best Sewing Machines 

Since all sewing machines are built for one purpose only, why should you choose the best one? As long as the moderate item works well, you won\t really need excellent quality product to help you do the work. Is that so?

  • Consistent Lines

There must be several reasons why some products could be the best. One of them is its performance. Sewing by hands or using any machine might create messy lines. Those who really sewing could tell how frustrating it is. Therefore, it is suggested to take best product to help you with any project.

  • Easy To Operate

Unless you have used traditional sewing machines for your whole life, you must agree that modern machines are better. It cuts a lot of manual works and offers tons of sewing option. If you could do more projects with less effort, why should you choose to do it slowly?

  • Accurate Result

Handmade products have specific signature; there are flaws here and there. For some projects, this kind of flaw is okay. However, you might also do another project that demands perfection. In this case, you cannot sew manually. It will be safer and better to use sewing machine, especially to make button holes and decorative stitching.

  • Explore Better

While learning how to sew manually, people tend to take their time. As the result, they could master only few patterns or stitches only. If they have best sewing machine, they will be able to create as many variations as possible. Remember that electronic and computerized machine comes with many sewing patterns code.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines

  1. Brother CS6000i

In order to finish a lot of projects in time, you will need a strong sewing machine. It is not only strong, but also easy to operate and supportive. There is one product that matches these descriptions. It is Brother CS6000i.

It is sold as two in one product. Manufacturer installs switch buttons that allow you to choose between stitching and sewing. Only by reading manuals, you will be able to operate this switch button. Another user-friendly point is the automatic needle threader. Pushing thread through needle is though job. Luckily, this machine could help you to do it.

There are times when you want to finish the project as soon as possible. It will be difficult when you are using sewing machine with steady speed. Fortunately, Brother offers adjustable sewing speed for easy control. For your comfort, Brother CS6000i kindly give wide table to hold cloth. Now you could do quilting in peace.

  1. Singer 7258 

Probably one of the oldest sewing machines in the league is Singer. Many people are still mentioning this brand whenever they think about sewing machine. Singer brand has made lines of products, from traditional to electronic ones. Item that catches modern sewing enthusiast is Singer 7258.

It is not only electric powered but also has computerized features. In total, there are 76 decorative stitches in its program. You could also work with different stitch length and width. Several projects should be sewn using tight stitches, while others need loose stitches. You could either adjust the size of stitches or choose available setting. Simply push “stitch selection” button.

As the pioneer in sewing machine production, Singer doesn’t fail to provide exceptional product with economical value. To operate this machine, you only need 120V, 0.62 Ampere and 74 watts. If Singer 7258 fails, warranty could save you. Singer offers 25 years warranty for this product.

  1. Janome 8077 

Another famous sewing machine brand is Janome 8077. It is popular for its computerized features and all the features it gives to help sewing process. While other brands make their product semi automatic, Janome 8077 works almost fully automatic. Thanks to all features installed, you will experience best sewing process ever.

Just like any other computerized sewing machine, Janome 8077 has automatic needle threader. You don’t have to bring magnifying glass to push the thread. You could also adjust the length and width of stitches on clothes. Moreover, its free arm capability will reduce all hard work to direct cloth.

LED screen on Janome 8077 will be easy to read. There are two digits LED installed to guide you while choosing stitches options, starting automatic thread feeding and setting drop feed. Be as creative as you can! Approximately 30 different sewing stitches program is included in machine installation. Press on and off button to turn on the machine.

  1. Juki HZL-F600 

Should industrial sewing machine used only on big factory only? What about a powerful industrial machine in a house? If you agree on this opinion, then you might want to get Juki HZL-F600. This model might be quite expensive, but it is equal to its excellent performance.

Buyers that have bought this unit love its smooth transition. You could switch from sewing, hemming and mending without too many adjustments. Another strong point from Juki HZL-F600 is its precision. Both needle position and sewing lines are perfectly placed. Many people think that industrial machine will be noisy. Try this machine and it will change your mind.

Does Juki’s quality fade over time? Not really. Some buyers have used it for years and have no complaints. It works just as good as new. More praises are given by those who love quilting. They are satisfied with its breeze work and great outcomes.

  1. Janome Magnolia 7318 

You are focusing on sewing. Your budget to buy sewing machine is limited. If you somehow fit these two descriptions, then check out Janome product called Magnolia 7318. It has all features for perfect sewing and sold for affordable price. Any sewing enthusiasts will also happy to get a lot of additional items in the package.

Before you bought this item, keep in mind that this is not a computerized item. It means that most of thread setting should be done manually. Those who are used to use computerized item might take some time before adapting to its instructions. Once you are familiar with the instruction, there are 18 decoration stitches to use and 4-step button hole.

To start the machine, you need to plug it to power core. Lights on power button and LED will blink. Then, step on its foot control. Enjoy sewing and get the best result for your project!

  1. Brother 1034D 

Cloth has a lot of categories. Some are thick and sturdy while several others are light and smooth. In order to deal with each cloth type, you will need a strong serger sewing machine. If you want to have a product that last for years, then pick 1034D model.

How many clothes you are making? Bring the edges together using serger machine. It also works well on knits and linen. You could also do decorative edges, ruffles, laces, spaghetti straps, and many more. This machine has 22 built in stitch. Why is it special? By switching between 4 thread overlook, 3 thread overlook and ribbon lock stitches, you could do either decorative or formal items.

If you are new serger users, don’t forget to bring manual book when you try it. If you cannot understand written instruction, watch video instead. Just follow the numbers and you will be fine. Is it not working properly? Put its 25 years warranty letter to use.

  1. Brother PE770 

Do you love embroidery on your project? If yes, then do not hesitate to take Brother PE770 with you. It is a dream embroidery machine. You could literally break the limitation and create any embroidery in mind. This machine is even strong enough to work non-stop.

Among other features, embroidery machine should have wide field to put on clothes. Brothers has that; 5 x 7 inch field would be perfect for bigger and more complicated design. If you don’t have any design to test out the machine, simply pick one from 136 available designs. Do you want to import design? Save the design on USB then transfer it to machine.

Sometimes, embroidery design is too big or a little bit tilted. You don’t want to ruin the whole project. Thanks to Brother PE770 extensive design editing, you could adjust design’s size and position. It also supports easy threading with reliable result.

  1. Brother SE400 

It has been mentioned previously about different types of sewing machines. Does it mean that you have to own all of them? Formal answer to this question would be “yes”. Thankfully, Brother releases a hybrid product, combining computerized sewing and embroidery machine. Buying one item will enable you to perform two actions.

Amazing thing about Brother SE400 is its sewing precision. It also offers several decoration options; 67 unique stitches, 70 embroidery pattern and 5 lettering fonts. Imagine how long it would take to try each one of them. If you don’t like with pre-installed design, you could always find new patterns and install it to the machine.

Computerized machine allows you to add or delete any data in the system. Connect it to internet and you will get most updated information about the machine. User manual is available on two languages and support center is available every day.

You have checked the sewing lines. They are tidy and goes as you expected. If you don’t want to ruin the entire project, then pick suitable serger machine. Look for product that could guarantee professional finish like Janome 8002D. This machine has either 3 or 4 overlock stitching capability.

Most common problem with serger machine is learning its operation procedure. Missing one step will delay the working time. Thankfully, Janome 8002D finds a way to fix it. They use different color codes with numbers for each function. This way, your chance of being misguided will be very low.

Be grateful if you live in US. This machine is only available in US area. To turn it on, you will need 110 volt machine. If you need to upgrade electric plan, do it before buying serger machine. Never believe any words about Janome’s complexity. Once you start the machine, it is difficult to stop.

  1. Juki MO-654DE 

This is another serger that should be included in the list. At first, people love this model for its bonuses. In the package, you will get foot kit, serger tote, thread cones, needles, manual book and DVD instruction. After they use it for projects, more compliments are given.

While operating this machine, you will rely a lot on your foot. Yes, Juki MO-654DE could start by using snap on presser feet. There is no loopers, so you should be able to sew faster. Don’t worry about getting inaccurate sewing line. Inside the machine, there is a gauge for accurate seams.

Buyers love its balanced stitch and thread tension setting. Other brands often require manual setting. Even if you are confused with the instruction, a lot of Juki users share their tips online. It also adjusts automatically to fabric thickness. Enjoy smooth sewing and get the best Juki product could offer without doing much.


In the end, it is not difficult to choose best sewing machine for your need. You just need to determine what you will do with the machine. Also, think carefully whether you are going to use one or multiple machines. As long as you could answer these two questions, picking perfect sewing machine would be easy.

When it is time to choose brand, buyers have the power to choose. Easy way to pick one is looking at top pick. Keep in mind that good stuff has higher price. If you want product with great value, then read again top ten brand review above. Good luck!

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