Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor Reviews and Buying Guide

Far before sewing machines are invented, people make clothes by hand. It was doable but definitely took much time to finish the job. In this modern era, there are dozens or maybe even hundreds sewing machines available to assist human not only in making clothes but also other works. There are many ways to make a sewing machine works properly. One of them is by using servo motor.

In a sewing machine, it is fair to say that servo motor undoubtedly the most crucial component. Your sewing machine will never work properly without a good servo motor. There are 4 components that make a servo motor; a position sensor, a control circuit, a gearing set and surely a DC motor. Hence, it’s suggested to always check the condition of sewing machines servo motor.

In case you have not any sewing machine yet, this is the best time for you to really pick the right one. Choosing the best sewing machines servo motor will not only guarantee your sewing machine will last longer but also will increase the sewing quality as well as offer you more control in working on your projects. Here are some more explanations about sewing machine servo motor:

What is Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor

To give some more insight about how important a servo motor is in a sewing machine, this component is the main reason a sewing machine can do a lot of works. Hence, there will be a time when the servo motor stops working. That can be caused by two things; the servo motor is not good enough to run the sewing machine or it is really the time to change the servo motor.

As all we know, a servo motor works so hard to make a sewing machine functioning properly. It’s a certainty that you will have to change the servo motor of your sewing machine, but what makes a sewing machine is different with others is how long its servo motor can work. The longer time you need to change it means the better the servo motor is.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Just like it was mentioned earlier, picking the best sewing machines servo motor will not only guarantee your sewing machine will last longer but also will increase the sewing quality as well as offer you more control in working on your projects. In case you are looking for one, here are the top 5 best sewing machine servo motor available in the market:

Enduro Sewing Machine Motor

One of the advantages of a sewing machine with a servo motor is that the machine will be more efficient compared to any other types of sewing machine. That is why most of reviews on sewing machine with servo motor are highlighting on the energy-efficient point. All sewing machines with servo motor also likely to save the energy up to 70% compared to sewing machines with clutch motor.

Furthermore, Enduro sewing machine will not only save the energy but also will work smoothly during the sewing process and fasten your project as well. Compared to any sewing machine with clutch motor, this Enduro provides the same power with less energy used. Compared to any other sewing machine, Enduro is arguably easier to control as well.

REX Industrial Servo Motor

As one of sewing machine servo motor, REX Industrial is classified a lightweight motor that will assist you in various sewing projects with less energy used. Unlike sewing machines with clutch motor, you can simply enjoy your sewing process with REX sewing machines since this sewing machine is almost noiseless. Hence, you can work for long hours without needing to disturb your surroundings.

REX sewing machine comes with power up to 550 watts to handle numerous fabric projects using machine with an industrial grade. Not only that you can adjust the speed motor up to 3.450 RPM, this sewing machine is also compatible with the likes of highly rated sewing machine brands like Singer and Brother, with arguably less price compared to the two others.

This sewing machine may not come with any installment instructions about how to replace the motor in case you will need to, but you will not have to worry about that since most owners reported that it will not take more than 30 minutes to do the job since the process is considerably straightforward. However, it’s a rare case when an owner needs to replace the motor from any REX sewing machines.

Sailrite Workhorse Industrial Servo Motor

Although Sailrite can be considered as newcomers in the sewing industry, it does not mean that this brand cannot make it to the top 5 list. Despite their short age in the industry, Sailrite is arguably highly rated by their customers. Those high rates were given for some reasons. First of all, Sailrite sewing machine brands offer you a comfortable feel to do your project.

Despite of its ¾ horsepower which is designed for numerous and continuous uses in your sewing projects, this sewing machine can do the sewing process with complete silence. You can almost hear nothing when you work using this sewing machine. This is surely a benefit for those who can spend hours and hours working on their sewing projects.

Sailrite sewing machine also provides fully adjustable setting for the motor speed, giving you the freedom to set the speed range from 400 up to 3.600 stitches per minute. This sewing machine supports 12-coil design for smoother motor rotation and motor fluid in transferring power to the machine. More than that, Sailrite is also classified as a sewing machine with high level of energy-saving.

Consew Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Another sewing machine with servo motor system that is worth to look is from Consew Industrial. This sewing machine provides ¾ horsepower to assist you working with thicker and lighter fabrics. This sewing machine is capable of retaining its torque at the maximum speed, which means it’s a bargain in term of valuing your money. Most of ordinary sewing machine brands are unable to do that.

Consew sewing machine can help you to improve with the way you work with an old industrial sewing machine functions since the machine can run it quickly yet smoothly. The best part that you can get is probably how this sewing machine is able to retain 90% of its torque at the maximum speed. Other brands mostly reach the peak only at 2.000 RPM. Moreover, this machine also does not produce any vibrations or resonances, giving you the best quality of stitching.

FESM 550C Servo Motor

The last sewing machine to complete the list is FESM 550C. In case you have not heard about it, this is really the right time to get to know with the machine. FESM can handle both lightweight and heavyweight materials with the maximum 3.300 RPM. With this sewing machine, you may try to do some experiments of sewing projects since this machine delivers up to ¾ horsepower. This is an ideal option for those who work with low speeds on thicker fabrics.

FESM sewing machine is also compatible with numerous sewing machines in the market; only that this machine does not come with mounting instructions. Hence, you may need to drill several holes to mount the machine. The sewing machine goes relatively quick from slow to fast as well as providing easy and smooth working process.

Buying Guide For Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor

If you have reached this point, it means you are one step away from purchasing a servo motor sewing machine. Therefore, you really need to consider some factors that will help you to decide the proper sewing machine to buy. Here are some of the factors:

Easy to Install

It’s like the most basic factor you need to consider. Although installing a servo motor sewing machine isn’t that complicated, it’s always better to go for brands that provide the installment instructions. It will be much better when the unit you purchase also provides the needed accessories and hardware that will help you in installing the machine.

Safety Features

Since everything can always go wrong, it’s recommended to minimize the risk when you are working on your sewing projects. Therefore, it’s better to go for any brands that also provide safety features in the sewing machine.

Speed and Weight

These two factors always have significant impacts for your sewing projects, especially when you decide to work for a long-term. Therefore, make sure that you purchase a sewing machine which its speed ranges and weight is able to support your long-term sewing projects.


No matter how advanced a sewing machine is, it’s always up to what goals you are going to achieve with the sewing machine. Basically all sewing machines can do any basic sewing projects, but picking the right unit will be very helpful for you.

With the top 5 best sewing machines servo motor up there, there is no need to doubt about which brand you need to purchase. As long as you have already decided what you are going to do with it, picking one of them will not be a difficult job to do.