Best Sewing Machines For Beginners Review and Buying Guide

Nowadays, people grow fonder to sewing skills. They want to be able to do simple stitches; some others even wish to do more complex steps. Since sewing takes practice, they will need the best sewing machines for beginners. Several fancy products are made for advanced tailor and have lots of complicated features.

Those buttons will surely make beginners confused. They need something simple and easy to operate. However, these new learners do not want anything less than top class products. In addition, they demand long lasting products as well. While it seems impossible to meet these standards, surprisingly there are some brands that take this challenge.

Basics of a Sewing Machine

What beginners need to learn first is basic parts of sewing machine. They need to know that each part connects to the others. Thus, one button push or switch will change the way sewing machine work.

Power Cord

Modern sewing machine no longer requires you to move your feet up and down. There is a foot pedal which should be pressed down to start sewing process. This pedal is connected to machine through power cord. Make sure you have plugged this cord to the machine before sewing. Otherwise, it might not work properly.

Knob Stitches

There are two knobs; usually they are located on the side of sewing machine. On one knob, you will see different types of stitches. Another knob has number on it. These numbers will determine stitches’ length. For most machines, you could only turn these knobs to one direction. If you are not sure how the stitches will be, then try them on unused fabric.

Hand Wheel

Another knob without any writings on it must be a hand wheel. When you turn it to one side, sewing needle will turn up or down. It is important to keep hand wheel work, since this feature helps you to sew perfectly.

Thread Feed

No sewing machine could work without thread. Modern sewing machine often includes some numbering on its side, showing which way you should slip the thread. Line of thread way is made from small gaps. This is called thread feed.

Benefits of Using a Sewing Machine

There are several major benefits you can get by using sewing machine:

More Efficient

Have you heard about hand-stitched cloth? It usually costs more than any other cloth. Do you know why? It takes approximately three hours to sew simple clothes by hand. Using sewing machine, professional tailor could make nice clothes in just 30 minutes. Also, sewing machine rarely misses its line unless you cannot operate it well.

Tailored Design

More and more people are into sewing machine for one reason: they want to sew specific dress or remake their old dress. Having professional tailor to do this job would cost a lot of money. Recent sewing machine is so easy to use. Beginners will less time to learn the process.

Relaxing Activity

you heard that good tailor makes great teacher? It is because they are so patient and rarely get angry. Sewing helps them to get relaxed, enjoying step by step process without a rush. Believe it or not, a pattern made by angry tailor and happy tailor will be totally different. For this reasons, sewing is often prescribed as anxiety and anger management treatment.

Money Machine

Sewing is addictive. You could spend the whole day to make several clothes with different styles. Instead of piling these clothes up, you could open a boutique and start a business. Isn’t that a great offer?

Some Common Problems with Sewing Machines

While it is designed carefully, there are several possible problems you should expect to happen. Such as:

Broken or Bent Needle, This is probably the most common problem you will find. Pulling fabric or thread too hard might be the cause of broken or bent needle. When it happens, you cannot operate sewing machine smoothly. Change the broken needle immediately. This part is easy to find and install. Don’t forget to stock some beforehand.

Thread Won’t Go Into Needle, Remember that thread has different size. Pushing big size thread to needle with small hole will not work. The only option is changing needle to one with bigger hole.

Machine Gets Wrong Bobbin, Bobbin is a part of sewing machine. It is so small and made from plastic. Because of its size, you might easily buy wrong bobbin size. Just because it is small, doesn’t mean that all bobbins have similar size. In order to get perfect size, you should bring the machine with you.

Dirty Machine, Maintenance for sewing machine should be done weekly, even when you don’t use it. Open its throat plate and gently swipe any dust with q-tip. Check for other parts and clean them from dust as well. Put a drop of oil to machine after cleaning.

Prices of Beginner Sewing Machines

There are several things that affect price of sewing machine.

First, you should look at its features. Most sewing machines are targeting beginner or middle class tailor. Some of them, on the other hand, have higher options for advanced process. Don’t expect these two categories to have similar price tag.

Second, think about sewing machine durability. Are you willing to spend more to get long lasting product or do you prefer to buy any product that fit your budget? Whatever your answer is, you will find one product that fit the description. Third, consider how well you could operate sewing machine. For a beginner, stick to simplicity rather than complex buttons.

Advanced sewing machine has highest bid of all. It could reach $3000 per unit! This sewing machine could handle most complex steps for longest hours. Those who are planning to do small fixings should opt for average products which cost around $300 per unit.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Here are several short reviews on the best sewing machines you can find today:

Brother CS6000i

This is so far the star model for any beginner who wants to learn sewing seriously. Even more advanced tailor admits that Brother presents strong unit to market. It stands between easy and intermediate operation smoothly. Above all, people love easy steps to operate the system. It is all thanks to automatic needle threading, easy bobbin winding and also electronic displaying.

People with bad sight could still sew. There will be less chance of getting hurt because of misplacing fabric. If you want to switch to more complicated task, Brother provides the shortcut. There is no need to buy new unit. This model has 60 in-built stitches. Its large table and free arm feature allow you to take different projects with one unit only.

Once you open the package, all features given by manufacturer might seem too much. The good news is you can ignore the hard part and start with easy steps. Later when you have become familiar with the sewing machine, you could bring back the fancy accessories and put them into a good use.

As beginner, you might want to take lessons somewhere. It would be hard to bring heavy and bulky automatic sewing machine anywhere. Luckily, Brother Product has compact style and light weight. It also comes with a protective case, perfect to keep it safe from children and pets.

Janome 8002D Serger

If you are looking for highest value within limited budget, nothing could beat Janome 8002D Serger. Without doubt, you could get professional finish with this machine. All procedures are not too hard to follow. Even when people cannot understand soon, they could always play DVD instruction. Before opening the DVD, you could see process’ line on its surface.

This is called threading color chart. It guides beginner tailor to operate the machine, starting from installing bobbin up to fixing fabric position. The other units will show difficult steps, but Janome shows easier way to do that. Another great feature of this brand is its 3 or 4 thread stitching with 3.1 milimeter to 7.3 milimeter cutting width.

All those features are total guarantee of top quality product. You will have minimum footprint and the cloth will have extravagant result. One more thing that ensures great result from Janome; it works on 1300 stitches per minute. Standard sewing machine will only give 700 to 1000 stitches only. Imagine how fast you could work on each clothes!

Janome 8002D’s weighs 15 pounds per unit. This is not too heavy, but cannot be considered light as well. Its dimension is moderately big; 15 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches.

Brother XL2600I

In addition to two previous models, there is one unit with lots of benefits for beginners. Brother XL2600I is actually made for those who can do intermediate sewing. There are several key features that will be beneficial to middle level tailor. On top list is automatic threading. Busy people won’t be happy to prepare thread. By following easy steps, they could activate this feature.

Making button holes are not as easy as it seems. You have to be patient and cut carefully. With installed button holes feature, you could get perfect cut. You could even manage its width. Do you want to make different stitches? Then pick one from 14 stitches pattern. Control the speed of sewing machine by turning a knob.

For its big built, Brother is not heavy. You could bring it to different rooms, tables, or even occasions. Explore its function to the end. There is several advances instructions worth to try mentioned in the manual. When you have mastered simple stitching, go and check them.

Brother units are also loved for its cheap price. You don’t have to save money for too long. After buying it, keep the receipt. You might need it to claim 25 years product warranty.

Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty

Before you scream over excitement, read the entire unit name properly. First, this unit doesn’t come on normal size. Who could use this mini version of sewing machine? The answer is children. An 11-pound machine makes children fall even deeper. They are practically able to move their projects anywhere they want.

In total, there are 11 different stitches in the system. Button holes features is included, but not automatic. Children have to follow four steps procedure before one hole is made. Thus, this product is not dangerous for them. Fastest stitching speed for Janome Hello Kitty is 650 stitches per minute.

Compared to bigger competitors, Janome is less superior in term of additional feature. Here are several accessories included in the package: carrying case, needles, instruction manual, guiding manual, lint brush and bobbin. There are extra presser feet and spool holder as well.

In short, Janome Hello Kitty small version is a perfect gift for children who love sewing. There is no curve while learning sewing basic steps. Your children will soon be occupied with their new toy. Moreover, this mini version requires low maintenance with lasting durability. You could use this product, too. Keep in mind to sew only small clothes.


Some of newbie tailor might not have enough confidence to buy machine with beginner to modern setting. They are more comfortable with basic unit that fit to their need. In this case, Singer products would be a perfect choice. It includes only standard features, helping new tailor to adjust to the machine.

Learning that one sewing machine could make more than 50 stitches is quite intimidating. How long will it take for a beginner to master all of them? Instead of installing more stitches, Singer focuses on most used patterns only. If you look at manual guideline, only eight stitches are available. Thus, beginners are going to be more willing to try.

Initial effort to start sewing machine is setting thread. To help newbie tailor, manufacturer draws several arrows on the machine. Follow these arrows and you will be able to set thread. Next, there is four snap on presser feet. Many other models require screwdriver to switch from one presser to another.

One more feature that should get more attention: free arm feature. Sometime you might have to deal with difficult corners such as pants hem, collars or cuff. Unless you have enough experiences, these are nightmares for newbie tailor. Thanks to free arm feature, the difficult corner is nicely done.


Depending on what fabric you are working on, you will call out different criteria for sewing machine. The thicker the fabric, the stronger machine you need. Looking at product catalogue, you will realize that most heavy duty sewing machines have high price. Very few of them is sold for affordable price. Fortunately, Singer 4411 model is available.

What makes heavy duty machine different is its motor power. Standard product for basic fabric sewing is not made for long use. You will get heated machine if operated for a long time. On the other hand, Singer 4411 install a machine with 60% more power. Turning it on the whole day won’t break it.

To compliment heavy duty machine, you get 1100 stitches per minutes. Buying one unit like this is often meant to have good investment. In this case, Singer 4411 fits perfectly to the description. It has metallic frame and metal bed plate to hold fast stitching progress.

Observing the machine, you will see that all knobs are placed in strategic location. Control dials to make stitches longer or shorter is on front part. Bobbin inside the machine has clear cover, so you could see it immediately and start threading.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

While doing some researches on different types of sewing machines, you might conclude that every manufacturer make specific model to meet users requirement. With this being said, it will be difficult to find a product that could appeal both beginner and intermediate tailors at the same time. Then Project Runway from Brother comes to steal the spotlight.

At the first look, you will have no doubt that it is a professional model. Project Runway has compact size that could fill space next to bigger Brother’s products. You as customers will get 25 years warranty. Usually, Brother Manufacturer will ensure that all parts function properly. Check again warranty for each part, as they might be different from each other.

If you read review from some other brands, you might bump into one disadvantage; light unit is not stable. As the result, any sewing pattern will be sloppy and less detailed. There will be no such problem if you use Project Runway product. It stays on its initial spot without too much shaking or movement during sewing operation.

One great bonus from Project Runway is probably its feeding system. You don’t have to switch machine just because of thicker fabric. This versatile machine works well with denim fabric.


For those who enjoy simple projects, Singer One is definitely a must have unit. It is basically computerized sewing machine. Working like any other vintage style unit, you are not able to make detailed craft or decoration. However, it is still the hottest item in market and makes a good deal for those beginners.

Singer one is often described as little monster. Within its compact body, you could find a lot features. It is sold for cheap price in the market. There are 24 built in stitches in total. These numbers are divided to 4 stretches, 6 basic and 12 decorative stitches. As a beginner, you will immensely enjoy smart threading system. By pressing one leaver, you could refill the spool.

Reviewing products by price, it is hard to believe how this cheap item could include three LED lights. You might suspect that these three lights might make overheating, but it is not. All lights are long lasting and installed to help you do the sewing.

Many beginners make mistakes without them knowing. One step is wrong, but they keep going on. If they are working with Singer One, it won’t happen. This great machine has sensors that warn its users when they are not in the right track.

Janome 2212

Is there a product that has simple look and average power? Janome 2212 is the answer. This sewing machine is small, just as big as small oven. You could put it anywhere and move it to different room. It might be too heavy to bring to sewing course. The metal frame adds its weight.

This product is guaranteed for 25 years from its manufacturer. If you notice any broken or malfunctioning part during first year, free shipped replacement will be sent to you. Next year, you will still get free shipped spare parts, but you pay the service cost. Remember that any damaged caused by you won’t be counted.

On top of sewing machine, you will find dial button to set which stitches to use. There are more than 10 options to choose. Next to this button, you could switch the width from 4mm to 5mm. Look closely to needle handle. You will see two different positions. Each fits for different purpose.

In order to secure fabric in its place, Janome 2212 uses drop feed dog. It stays up when fabric is being sewn. Then it stays down when sewing machine is not in use. This good machine works well for smooth and silky fabric. However, you should switch to different machine when working with denim.

Brother XR9500PRW

Do you wish to work on both simple and advanced projects using one machine only? It is only possible when you use Brother XR9500 Project Runway. When the other sewing machines could fit only around 50 stitches, this super machine is programmed with 100 different patterns. You could also make eight variants of holes with one step system.

Brother Project Runway is a durable and fast working product. Within one minute, it could make 850 stitches. To choose your stitches, you should look at LCD screen. It is also equipped with free arms, needle threading and twin needle position.

If you are already familiar with sewing process, then buying this machine will still be a hit. It has a lot of advanced features that could turn into fantastic items. No other competitors could offer alphabetic feature with competitive price. Controlling speed is also possible with this sewing machine.

There are seven types of pressers you could try; buttonhole, button sewing, blind stitch, monogramming, zipper and zig zag, It has been proven to make great clothes out of thin to medium fabric. Be careful when handling needle switch for first time; it could be difficult. You might need a little practice before.


It takes a lot of considerations to pick one perfect product for sewing purpose. Before hand, you are suggested to learn about sewing machine’s part. Then, memorize some problems that might arise later. It might help you to decide what items to buy aside from sewing machine itself.

There are a lot of options to choose from. Each product has its own advantage and disadvantage. Instead of focusing on price, you should think about what project you want to make, how well you can handle sewing machine and also how long you expect it to last. Don’t forget to check its weight and dimension as well.