Best Sewing Machines for Kids Reviews and Buying Guide

In this modern era, sewing has become such a necessary activity to do for many reasons. Sewing that used to be a kind of occupational activity has now reached different stage. As time goes by, various kinds of sewing machines are invented, providing more freedom for us to produce anything we want with the machine. For some people, sewing is like a pleasing activity to do; just like a hobby, including for kids.

However, kids require different kind of sewing machine. Sewing machines for kids normally apply simpler systems than any regular sewing machines we usually see. From the size, weight until the features, sewing machine for kids should not be as complex as sewing machines for adults. Therefore, it will also easier for parents to accompany their kids in doing their swing hobby.

Speaking about specific sewing machines for kids, there are several brands available in the market. Although not all regular sewing machine brands also produce the kids edition, some top sewing machine brands are committed to provide sewing machine for kids edition. In case you are looking for the best one for your kids, here are some deeper discussions about best sewing machine for kids.

What Makes a Good Sewing Machine For Kids?

If you found out that your kids have interest in sewing, that could be a positive signs since not all kids like sewing and it’s not as common as it used to be. From sewing, kids can learn various life lessons that maybe you cannot teach. For that matter, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any experience in sewing since there are plenty of instructions and videos in the internet that will guide them.

However, the more important thing to consider is about how you can provide a good sewing machine for your kids. Well, there are various factors that make a good sewing machine. One of the most important factors is about the safety. Since kids are just start to learning sewing, you have to make sure that the sewing machine for your kids provides safety features and easy to learn for them.

More importantly, you can also make sewing looks fun for kids. Best sewing machines for kids nowadays can always get kids attracted. Kids usually will get attracted when they can design their sewing machine by themselves or when they can embroider their favorite characters as the used patterns in sewing. Once kids having good times sewing, they will typically want to do it more and more. This will also help kids to improve their sewing skills to some points.

Different Types of Sewing Machines For Kids

Basically, most of the sewing machines available in market now are standard sewing machines designed for kids. To make your investment worth it, you can start by considering how many stitches you will want your kids to have. If you decide them to only have dozen or so stitches at the maximum to start, then it will be a proper investment for you since you kids are just about to start learning to sew.

If your kids have been sewing for a while and up to some new but still not too difficult challenge, then it’s highly recommended for you to upgrade their sewing machine to the embroidery-only one. Try to keep the standard of the sewing machine on the regular chores.

This kind of sewing machine will help your kids to get more creative with new designs and patterns in unique and various ways that will explore their artistic side. It’s also recommended for you to look for a sewing machine that can be plugged directly into your home’s internet connection. This feature will keep the machine stays up to date with available patterns and firmware.

Meanwhile, if your kids are ready to go for another level of sewing challenge, serger sewing machine could be the ideal option for them. This kind of machine applies multiple threads and is a proper and ideal tool as well for their safety. If your kids are already good at making their current sewing machine thread and are familiar with how to control its tension, then it’s time to get them to next level of sewing skills.

There are some factors to determine the best sewing machine for your kids. You can start by looking for information about the advantages and features of each available model. Although your kids look ready with the next level of sewing, bear in mind that you still have to look for sewing machines for kids. Give them a try to operate regular sewing machines for adults may not be a good idea.

Benefits and Problems Kid’s Sewing Machine

Just like a regular sewing machine for adults, there will be also benefits and problems you will find in a sewing machine for kids. Normally, a proper sewing machine for kids has one exact benefit; it will eventually teach them essential life skill. Some kids can regularly start sewing at early age, usually around three or even younger, and they like to do it with their parents or family members around them.

Furthermore, sewing for kids will also provide necessary measure of self-esteem and confidence for them to grow up with. We often find so many schools or educational programs are more focusing on academic course and don’t really push on their artistic learning programs, causing our kids to easily get stale, bored, and often they cannot express their imagination.

For that matter, sewing can be a necessary way to get the kids back in fun. They can totally express imagination by doing some sewing projects while it doesn’t take much time either in case they are in hurry. Once your kids show their interest in sewing, you will have to provide them any sewing projects to guide them. There will be a plenty of sewing projects for kids you can find in internet.

More than that, sewing can also be a great way to make some new friends. As it was mentioned earlier, sewing is a rare hobby for kids to have. Hence, when two or more kids who like sewing come together, it surely becomes a natural point of common interest. Sewing may not as exciting as playing video games or other kids’ hobbies, but its ethic and process is surely beneficial to improve their hand and eye coordination.

If there is any problem of sewing machine for kids, it’s more likely about the safety issue. Therefore, it will be up to parents to look for the proper and best sewing machine for their kids. Safety always comes first after the kids’ level of sewing. Make sure that parents provide a sewing machine that is designed for kids with small footprints, lightweight yet compact machine that can properly accommodate the kids’ interest.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines For Kids

At this point, you will be deciding what kind of sewing machines that will suite your kids’ interest. Bear in mind that safety always comes first, no matter how advanced your kids’ sewing skill is. Here are the top 5 best sewing machines for your kids:

Brother XM2701

On the top of the list there is Brother XM2701 with versatile free arm feature. Providing up to 27 stitches free arm feature, this sewing machine is a perfect option for any sewing projects with wide range and more importantly this machine is an ideal option as well for kids who just start learning to sews to kids who are already advanced in sewing.

Brother XM2701 offers common features that will be familiar for kids such as blind stitch, button and zigzag sewing, narrow hemmer, zipper and 6 quick changing feet with buttonhole options. This sewing machine also offers a jam resistant feature, 63 stitch functions, 27 stitches, all with brightly LED work area to ease you3r kids in sewing projects. This includes an instructional DVD with 25-year limited warranty.

Janome Fastlane Fuschia

Highly rated a regular sewing machine brands, Janome also produce dozens of sewing machines that are specifically designed for kids. Moreover, Janome nailed it with various choices for the colors. From pink, violet, magenta to red maroon, there is no way your kids won’t get excited once they see the color options. That’s because Janome provides sewing machines for kids who are just about to learn sewing.

This Janome model offers common sewing features for kids like presser foot with finger guard to protect their little fingers, top drop-in bobbin and threading diagrams with clear cover to makes the kids easier to set the machine up, 10 built-in stitches including zigzag straight with two needle options, portable and compact components, accessory storage with free arm and easy reverse, and more importantly the machine only weight not more than 5 pounds.


As one of the highly rated sewing machine brands, Singer also produces sewing machines for kids edition. What makes it different with Janome is that all of the sewing machine products for kids by Singer are designed for kids who are ready for the next level of sewing. That also enough to explain why Singer don’t produce the sewing machines kids edition in various colors options.

This Singer 1304 provides maximum speed of 750 stitches in a minute to handle large projects to be done quickly. This sewing machine also features automatic reverse mode and high presser foot lifter to assist your kids when they are ready to bring their sewing skills to another level. Therefore, Singer is an ideal option for kids who are ready to do more sewing projects.

Furthermore, this Singer series features up to 32 built-in stitches, built-in needle threader, a single built-in for the buttonhole step and a heavy-duty metal frame that will assist your kids to sew any creative projects for fun easily.

Michley LSS-505

If you have never heard about this brand, it’s probably because Michley are designed to produce sewing machines for kids. Hence, if you kids are just about to learn sewing, Michley may be the proper option. This Michley LSS-505 series offers 8 built-in stitch patterns and 2-speed settings forward with automatic thread rewind and reverse sewing.

This sewing machine series also offers double speed and double thread for various sewing machine purposes. Your kids will also be able to sew sleeves since its automatic thread rewind will assist them in the process. In case you find any troubleshooting with the machine, this machine comes with the quick reparation guide to fix the troubleshooting.

Michley LSS-202

The last but not least, there is another Michley product that can be the ideal option for your kids who are just about to learn sewing. As one of the Michley units, this LSS-202 series comes with tiny and cute designed; making this model a perfect option especially with its simple and helpful features. Michley LSS-202 is described as tiny 2-speed sewing machine that comes with multiple thread and perfect control of the stitch.

Those features make this sewing machine is a perfect option to sew any materials from denim to silk, especially with the foot pedal and hand switch to start the operation. This series also comes with top drop-in bobbin that will make sure that your kids get easier threading with the automatic thread rewind mode. With the 4 bobbins option, a threader, needle and a foot pedal, your kids will always find it fun to learn sewing with this Michley LSS-202 series.


As parents, there is nothing more delightful than knowing that their kids have interest in sewing. Believe it or not, sewing is much more meaning hobby than any other hobbies that set your kids spending much time and energy. With sewing, your kids will be able to learn many meaningful life lessons that they may not get from any other hobbies.

Therefore, it’s the parents’ job to get their kids to the correct path. Once you find out that your kids have interest in sewing, don’t take much time to think and simply accommodate their interest with the best sewing machine for kids.