Janome Sewing Machine Reviews and Buying Guide

Standing along with Singer and Brother, Janome is one of the most popular sewing machine brands you can find on the market. Of course, since it is popular, its quality also comes in par with both Brother and Singer. However, different compared to the two brands, Janome sewing machines are better available worldwide – which makes it an easy choice for most people.

Now, what are the sewing machine types that Janome offer? What are the advantages of having good quality Janome? Also, what are the best Janome sewing machines that we can choose? Look no more – below are the answer to your question plus some Janome sewing machines reviews just for you.

Different Types of Janome Sewing Machines

Have been producing top-notch sewing machines all these years, it is no wonder that Janome as different types of sewing machines under their sleeves. Here, we will categorize the machines based on display, specification, and target user.


There are two types of display that you can expect from Janome sewing machines, which are:
– Computerized
– This type uses LCD display to operate the features.
– Mechanical

They are your old-style sewing machine, with knobs to turn to the stitches and speed you want to pick.


Besides your regular sewing machines that can do various stitches on different types of fabrics, Janome also released sewing machines that are specialized for certain crafts. Here they are:

Specialty Sewing Machine, These machines have functions that caters for a small group of users. The examples are cover stitching and felting machines.

Embroidery Machine, This one is quite self-explanatory – the machine embroiders. Usually, this type comes with computerized display and memory to store embroidery designs.

Quilting Machine, Yes, you can quilt with regular sewing machines. However, quilting machines are stronger, faster, and will produce professional seams on your quilting projects.

Target User

Generally, the sewing machines above are targeted for adults, be it beginners or pros. However, Janome doesn’t exclusively cater to adults. If your little ones (or you are a young learner) and wanted to learn sewing with sewing machines, Janome has a series of Children‘s sewing machine. These sewing machines are designed for young learners in mind – the device is small, the features are basic, and there are safety measures to prevent any unwanted accident.

Advantages of a Good Janome Sewing Machine

It doesn’t matter what project you are planning on – good sewing machines always come in handy. If you are picking Janome’s, it is less likely you will get disappointed since they are hardy and efficient. To know the advantages better, here are some benefits of having a good Janome sewing machine:

They are efficient. You can go old-style and sew with your hands if you want to, but it would take much more time compared with using a sewing machine. From simple mending to high fashion projects, sewing machines will be able to handle them all effectively. Plus, who don’t like neat seams on a short time anyway?!

Mend your clothes anytime. Sometimes, repairing a buttonhole or sewing back a loose seam needs more money than the effort seems to be. However, throwing the whole clothes away is also such a waste. Well, if you have a good sewing machine at home, you can mend your clothes anytime and save time, effort, and money. Plus, the seam will be stronger compared to sewing on hand!

Want to keep up with current fashion? Barely found any clothes that fit just right? You can just make your own clothes at home! To begin with, sewing machines are made to sew projects such as clothes, so you can make your own if you have one. Of course, if making the clothes from scratch sounds like a pain, you can thrift or pick an old piece of clothing then modify them to the current style.

Top 5 Best Janome Sewing Machines

Janome Mystical Mint

Before we get started, this model is a children’s sewing machine – you will find the interface easy, but it’s only capable with light materials. On the brighter side, it is also much cheaper compared to the other models on this list. If that’s ok, then please go on reading the review. If not, skip to the following models.

Janome Mystical Mint is a portable sewing machine with basic stitches. The device weighs only five pounds and is 10,5 x 5 x 9 inches big – making the model a compact and super portable. As for the features, there are 18 built-in basic stitches (like straight, crescent, and zig zag), top drop-in bobbin, threading diagram, an easy reverse system, and presser foot – complete with finger guard. The machine also comes with accessories storage.

As you can see above, this Janome model is very basic. It is designed for true beginners in mind, especially children – which explains the safety measures and super easy interface. Since the machine itself is light and small, you can bring it to classes or meetups with no hassle. People who only need sewing machines for mending, only do small projects, or living in a small space would love this machine.

In case you are wondering, this machine comes with a variety of colors to attract young learners. Besides mystical mint, there are other colors such as yellow, blue, red, purple, pink, lilac, green, grey, and fuschia. These eye-candy colors making it even more exciting to learn sewing, so go ahead and pick the color you like!

Janome MOD-8933

Janome MOD-8933 is a serger machine, not a sewing machine. However, you may want to consider this model, considering that serger machines are stronger than regular sewing machines while being affordable when compared to heavy-duty machines. Besides, being a serger machine, Janome MOD-8933 is the expert of hemming and serging, which makes it perfect for various projects.

This machine itself is capable to use three to four thread at once. There are several classic serger features available such as differential feed, adjustable tension dials, adjustable foot pressure, adjustable stitch length, color-coded thread guides, built-in threading chart, and snap-on foot pressure. You will also find convenient features such as quick-change rolled hem, easy accessible lower looper, easy lay-in threading, retractable upper knife, and wide-open threading.

Overall, Janome MOD-8933 is easy to use even for beginners. In case you are confused, the machine comes with aN instructional DVD. Accessories also come in the bundle.
This model may not be the most portable, with weight as heavy as 14,3 pounds. However, it is compact (11 x 12 x 10,7 inches) which makes it portable enough to bring to classes. They also don’t take a lot of space, so storing shouldn’t be a problem even in small apartments.

Janome 2212

The machines in this review have been small, though they are capable to a degree. Well, if you think the small sizes compromise the capabilities, then Janome 2212 may be a better pick. This model has the size of your regular sewing machine, which is exactly 17 x 9 x 13,5 inches. It is designed for entry-level beginners, so the interface is easy on the eyes. Since it weighs 16 pounds, however, you may not want to bring it around.

Janome 2212 has 12 built-in stitches, including a four-step buttonhole stitch. The other features included are extra high presser foot lift, snap-on presser feet, push-pull bobbin winder, 5-piece feed dog, and vertical oscillating hook bobbin. This model also operates quickly, can work on reverse, has a big and easy to see stitch chart and dials, and has free arm that is easy to operate. The stitch length and width are also adjustable, with 4mm as the maximum stitch length and 5mm as the maximum width.

Overall, it is a good budget option for beginners. However, since the size is not compromised as much as Janome Mystical Mint, Janome 2212 can work with tougher materials such as nylon and upholstery fabric. The machine is also quiet, so you don’t have to mind the time when starting a project.

Janome HD1000

Janome 2212 may be strong enough to handle some tough materials, but what if you need a machine that can handle even tougher fabrics? Luckily, Janome has HD1000 to choose from. Being a heavy-duty sewing machine, Janome HD1000 is bigger (18,2 x 8,5 x 15,2 inches) and heavier (21,8 pounds) compared to Janome 2212. There are 14 built-in stitches available in the model, including a 4-step buttonhole stitch. You can find basic features such as adjustable length and width and easy reverse in this model. However, the most exciting thing about Janome HD1000 is its automatic threading system, which makes lessen your workload while sewing. This machine can be used on projects such as quilting (since it has 3-feed dog system) so it is rather versatile.

Though it is marketed as an industrial-grade sewing machine, Janome HD1000 may be the best to use at home. A review on Amazon said that it is not strong enough for denim and more capable with delicate materials like silk. Another said that it is not suitable for daily use because the machine is rather slow. So, if you are a hobbyist that needs a somewhat strong machine, Janome HD1000 makes a good pick. Otherwise, you may want to consider the other models.

Janome MOD-19

If we are going to compare this model with the other Janome models on the list, Janome MOD-19 is basically Janome 2212 but more capable yet in lower price point. Instead of 12, Janome MOD-19 has 19 built-in stitches, still including a four-step buttonhole. Besides that, there are features such as top loading bobbin and 5-piece feed dog system, allowing any types of fabrics to sail smoothly with this machine. Complete with heavy-duty interior metal frame, Janome MOD-19 is a capable machine for various fabrics altogether. It can even handle basic quilting, extending the possibility of projects with this machine.

Ok, it seems more capable than the other machines in this list. However, that is not all – it is also much smaller and lighter compared to Janome 2212, which has similar capabilities. The device is 7 x 16 x 12 inches big and 11,7 pounds heavy, which is not that heavy to be fair. For such a small machine, it is quite powerful as well. One of the reviewers in Amazon even mentioned that it is basically a full-sized machine packaged smaller. If you don’t want to compromise capability but want a small, light machine anyway – Janome MOD-19 is the one.


Sewing machines are investments. A good one will last a long while. Of course, lasting is not its only capability – they should be able to sew smoothly and quietly years after years. If you are looking for a sewing machine to grow with you through all the years, then Janome is definitely a good pick.

However, which sewing machine is the best for you? Pick one from Janome sewing machine reviews above! Obviously, Janome MOD-8933 is the choice for serger machine, while Janome HD1000 is the choice for heavy-duty machine. If you need a can-do-it-all machine, then the option falls to either Janome 2212 or MOD-19. However, if mending or small projects is your aim, then Janome Mystic Mint is the one especially if you are on entry-level.